May 21

Who knew a swing would bring so much drama? On Mother’s Day we were outside enjoying the day with our neigbhors. Evie was playing fine until she say our neighbor friend, Baily, get into the swing. She threw such a tantrum!!!

Then, yesterday, Evie was watching from the window and saw Bailey in the swing again. She stood there yelling “My Swing! My Swing!” I said, “Evie, can’t we share the swing with your friends?” Evie yelled, “NO!” I couldn’t help but laugh. Steve said she’s like her mommy…my first word (if I remember right) was “no” and at some point my favorite word was “mine.”

May 12
But I Want to Swing
icon1 memilyrae | icon2 kid's stories | icon4 05 12th, 2008| icon31 Comment »

This is the 2nd time Evie has thrown an absolute fit when someone else was in “her” swing. I couldn’t help but take pictures.