Apr 8
Growing Up (Evie)
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Evie is getting so big! She repeats words and answers when I ask a question. Her “no” means “yes”, at least most of the time it does. Here are a few I actually caught on camera.

Growing Up (Evie)

Mar 17
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So, Evie has said a few words here and there and I haven’t been very good at writing it down. I got one on camera and wanted to share it with you. She has said “Matt” (she pulls Uncle Matt’s picture off of the wall and points to it a lot), “cookie”, “that medicine” (which is on the video), “balloon”, and she said “en” (Lauren) and “ee” (Kayley) when Mikey asked who was in the pictures. Here’s the link to her “that medicine” video.

“That Medicine”

Oct 9

Here are some recent things Spencer has said that just make me laugh:

To Evie: “You’re buggin’ me crazy” (I think she was following him from room to room)


Mommy: “Do you want a cheese stick?”

Spencer: “Sure Sure” (he gets that from his Grandma and Grandpa)


Spencer: “I want that.” (a toy on a commercial)

Mommy: “Maybe…we’ll have to ask Santa to get it for you for Christmas.”


Spencer: “Get that for Halloween?”

Mommy: “Not for Halloween…but maybe we’ll ask Santa for Christmas.”