May 28
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Everything about our lives right now revolves around boxes. Big ones….small ones…some as big as your head! 🙂

We have our box wall…nearest the door to help all of those who are helping us move. We also had a box that was too big for packing anything in that became a toy house….

I threw that one in with my kids and their cousin Gavin (I stole it from your blog mikie and coley) cause it’s so darn cute. They were watching Tom and Jerry.

May 28
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Wow. I’m impressed! A commercial came on TV advertising for a coffee drink.

Spencer says, “We don’t drink coffee.”

I asked, “Where did you learn that?” (I didn’t remember talking about coffee to him)

Spencer says, “At daddy’s work. Me and Evie were getting chocolate milk. The coffee was next to the chocolate milk.”

I said, “Wow. I’m impressed!”

Spencer said, “I know!” and gives daddy a high five.

He remembers that from HALLOWEEN last year. It wasn’t anything big…just a comment we made how we do not drink coffee. Just makes me realize how little things can stick in a child’s mind…hopefully all the important things and none of the things we regret saying or shouldn’t say especially in front of little ears.

May 4
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Every week our Saturdays start off the same way. I go to work at 10 AM and come home at 4. During that time Steve and the kids usually go to Costco for samples and rolls. Yes, we love their rolls. Some days they’ll bring me some at work, others I get them when I get home. This last Saturday I got off work at 2 to get ready for a baptism for a girl in my Primary. The kids (Spencer mainly) were really wearing on Steve’s nerves. I thought about taking one or both with me but didn’t in the end. When I came home, here’s what I saw…

img_4592 img_4591


Cute, huh?

Something else that happens other days, not just Saturdays, is that Steve is learning to play the guitar. It’s great seeing (or hearing rather) how much he’s improved so far and watching him proudly show me his fingertips. 🙂 Funny guy. He’s proud because they’re getting more coarse and allowing him to play more without feeling like he’s going to loose his fingertips. I’ll even sing along with him some. Thanks sweetie for bringing more music into our home!


Apr 2

K…so this morning I was taking Spencer and Evie to my sister’s house (I had to work) this is the conversation I had with Spencer:

Spencer: “My friends died.”

Mom: “What friends? I don’t remember any of your friends dying.”

Spencer: “Yeah…Collin with the crazy hair died.”

Mom: “No, he didn’t die, he just moved far, far away.”

Spencer: “Okay. So he didn’t die. When will I play with him again?”

So in loving memory of you, Collin, I’m putting up a recent picture to show Spencer (Thanks Katie…I stole it from Facebook!)


Feb 11
Stop Fightin
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The meat section of Walmart is now a funny place for us. Stephen and I were discussing how we don’t really like ground beef much, except for in certain meals. We started listing off what we’ll actually eat with ground beef in it. Stephen said one thing, then I said another, and Stephen said another, and all of the sudden Spencer blurts “STOP FIGHTIN’!” I said, “Spencer, we’re not fighting.”

Sp: “Yes. You goin’ back and forth back and forth back and forth.”

Em: “That’s called a conversation.”

We could not stop laughing!!! He was so serious and we really don’t fight – not even quietly. If we get into an argument, it’s usually normal talk and then some quiet time while we both tell ourselves we’re right. What a funny, funny kid!

Jan 31

This is such a cute kit! I seriously love it! Here are my two layouts:


Jan 26
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Last Friday, after a long day away, we came home to find our oldest bird, Goodwin, had passed away. He was very old and kept getting sick so we were expecting him to go. Spencer seemed okay with our explanation.

Dec 14
UVU Basketball
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Steve bought us tickets to go see UVU play the Aggies tonight. At first, it was just alright. I tried showing Spencer what was happening – and then daddy stole him from me, but Evie was more than entertaining the whole game. She loved watching the dancers and when I asked, “Are you going to dance?” or “Will you learn to do that?” she’d say “yep” and shake her head. She’s such a cheeseball and would let me take her picture…Spencer, on the other hand, wouldn’t. But he couldn’t stop me when he passed out on daddy’s lap! Steve’s friend from work (and former boss-man) sat next to us and cheered on the Smaggies while we cheered on the Wolverines! Too bad at the end, Jason did more cheering. Here are some pretty darn cute pictures from our night out:

Nov 8
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So, I’m a bit late on this and a little out of order but things have been busy! Kids are just the cutest – especially at Halloween. Here are some so sweet pictures of Spencer, Evie, and their cousins.

I had to steal some pics from Mike and Nicole since I didn’t pull out my camera when I saw them! Oops! (and for some reason the page with mike’s picture won’t load so I can’t steal it!) 🙁

Oct 13
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We went with Jed & Leona and Austin & Rosanne to Upalco over Conference weekend. It was a lot of fun! On Friday evening, we headed to Jed’s parents’ house and got settled in. The next two days were spent watching conference, playing with the kids outside and chatting away. Saturday was rainy but that didn’t stop the kids from wanting to play outside. We let them. They all wanted apples and Leona helped the kids pull them off the tree. Those were some tasty apples. They had a few moments on the soap box (I won’t give details Rosanne!), otherwise known as a big rock, and chased around the dogs.

On Sunday the rain had stopped and we went for a hike up the mountain. Grandma Burton, Leona and I took the kiddos up. Spencer usually liked to run ahead and Reid was really good at throwing rocks. We got up pretty high and Steve came out to join us. Evie was little miss independent and at one point, Steve pulled out a cactus needle and showed Evie that it would hurt if she stepped on it. She wanted BOTH fingers poked. Silly girl. Sunday night we had a bonfire. If you see weird pics of Steve and Jed, they’re just trying to strick a match on their zippers. We ate, roasted marshmallows, packed up and headed home. We had a lot of fun and got to spend more time together with our friends.

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