May 2
Big Girl
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Evie has started showing interest in sleeping in Spencer’s bed. So, we’re letting her. She lays down, pulls the blanket on herself and puts her head on the pillow. I sit in the hallway where she can see me, that way she knows not to get up…plus it gives me time to read a book before I lay down. After she falls asleep, and after Spencer passes out on the couch or our bed, we put him in bed with her…that way they have the “body warmth” and they both stay asleep. Unfortunately, they both tend to wake up throughout the week wanting to cuddle (which isn’t so bad but I like my bed). This way, they can cuddle next to each other. So far, it’s been great! Evie, instead of waking up at 3:00 am, has been waking up at 6:30 or 7:30 am…which, to me, is WONDERFUL! We’ll probably get her her very own big girl bed soon. Here’s a picture I snuck while they were sleeping.

Apr 17
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So I just turned off the computer and started to stand up when I heard Spencer cry out. I went into his room and asked what the matter was.

Sp: “I never got a new map.” (bottom lip sticking out)
Me: “You’re right. Were you dreaming about it while you were asleep?”
Sp: “Yeah.”
Me: “Okay. How about you go back to sleep and you’ll have a new map tomorrow morning.”
Sp: “Okay.”

What a silly little boy! His buddy, Reid, had his 3rd birthday party on Tuesday. It was a Pirate party and although Spencer said pirates were scary, he really enjoyed himself. Leona (Reid’s mom) did such a great job (props to you Leona!!!). She even had a treasure map that led them to the ticking crocodile (egg timer) from Peter Pan. The kids followed the map, found it, and then they’d hid it again. At the end they found their treasure chests (I can’t pry it out of Spencer’s hands!!!) with lots of booty inside! Well, after we came home Spencer (who is very particular…maybe a little OCD?…about how things have to be) decided that the map was too wrinkled. He’s been asking me for a new one ever since. I keep hoping he’ll get over it but he obviously hasn’t. What a silly boy.

Nov 30
Changes, Changes
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So Evie was pretty much done with nursing anyway, but when she’d cry in the middle of the night I’d pick her up, nurse her to sleep and that meant I got to sleep. We stopped both of those Monday night. The first night Evie woke up 3 times. I went in, said “ni-ni” and left. The second night (and the worse day for me) she only woke up once. Next we’ve had 3 beautiful nights of either Evie waking up once (and made a little noise then went back to sleep) or not waking up at all (even though Spencer woke up crying that time). It’s great not having the kids join us during the night!

Nov 30
Funny Sleeper #2
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So, Evie made me laugh the other day. Spencer was playing in his room, Evie was under the computer desk. I was on the phone with Annette and when I was saying goodbye I realized Evie was being very quiet…too quiet for Evie. I looked down and this is what I saw! Too funny (and ignore the mess!)

Evie sleeping

Nov 8
Ni-Ni Time
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Evie has been going down for naps much easier lately since I’ve been giving her “Teddy” to cuddle with. She got “Teddy” from Todd for her birthday. I finally got a picture of it!

Cuddling with Teddy

Nov 8
Silly Sleeper
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Spencer has been falling asleep in weird places at nap time. I usually notice the time that nap time usually occurs but I keep forgetting that kids don’t easily adapt to Daylight Savings. He is just so silly!

Silly Sleeper 2

Silly Sleeper 1

Silly Sleeper 3