Dec 9
Recent Pictures
icon1 memilyrae | icon2 kid's stories | icon4 12 9th, 2008| icon31 Comment »

K – so I love some really recent pictures that I just had to share. Doesn’t Evie look like the future Mrs. President?

Jul 1
July Desktop
icon1 memilyrae | icon2 Digital Scrapbooking | icon4 07 1st, 2008| icon3No Comments »

Here’s what I did for my July desktop. If anyone is interested in one, let me know (I’ll swap the pics out if you’d like!) This one has Mike and Nicole (and Gavin) since their baby is due soon…but hopefully not before the 4th!

Jun 23
Family Hike
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Last Saturday we went down to Annette and Joel’s for dinner and a family hike. We ate first and decided we had at least an hour’s (plus or minus) worth of sun light left so we headed up Maplewood…Maplecreek… a canyon in Mapleton. My camera’s batteries were dying so I only got a few pictures (none of me or Steve…I think we were the only ones not in the pictures).

Joel, Luke, Kayley and Evan jumping over the stream

Spencer with Twitch and Addy

Joel, Luke, Kayley, Twitch, and Mike

Lauren and Coley

Don’t you just love the look Lauren’s giving her?

Lauren and Coley

This is AFTER Lauren figures out why Coley’s hanging on to her

the bunch of them, plus Evie and Annette’s backside

do you see how shiny Netty’s bum is? It has a double glare on it! 😉