Sep 22
BYU Football
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We are so excited that it’s football time again – and wow! BYU has not disappointed us yet. Seriously – 2 (Yes, that’s TWO) back-to-back shutouts so far (we’re hoping for a 3rd in a week and a half!). We are lucky enough to go to Mike and Nicole’s to watch it on tv since we couldn’t afford tickets this year and do not receive it on DISH. Here are a few pics from our BYU time with our family. Gavin is such a cutie! So are my kids! Evie is sporting a new hair style (flat ironed – her request) and Spencer’s picture is my new favorite. He really is a cutie just like his dad! And I hope I didn’t mess up Annette’s picture – the flash reflected in her glasses so I tried getting rid of it. GO COUGARS!

Sep 7

We were pleasantly surprised to know that our whole family was going to be here for Gavin’s baby blessing! Matt came out on Thursday, Mom and Dad on Friday, and Brent and Steph on Saturday! Yahoo! Matt, Brent and Steph were only able to stay for a couple/few days but we were still glad to have them around.

After attending my sacrament meeting, we went to Mike and Nicole’s building. Gavin’s blessing was beautiful (given by his daddy) and I teared up being able to be there and see the love that my biggest brother has for his son (such a cool thing!). Afterwards, we headed down to Annette’s for the food and mingling. I brought my camera out half way through so I didn’t get everyone who came.

We also got to see pictures from Stephanie’s trip to Ireland with Vince and his parents. Ireland is gorgeous and really makes me want to extend our (some day) honeymoon to more than just Italy! πŸ™‚ Thanks Steph for sharing with us! It was beautiful and looks like you guys had loads of fun!

I also got to help Brent see what his racecar might look like painted. I never usually get to do anything with Brent so it was really cool to be able to help him (yay for Photoshop!)

Aug 3
One Down…Five To Go.
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So, today was day one of Steve’s trip to Cali. He was lucky enough to go to Cali to attend and help at the Linux World Expo. My brother, Mike, was wonderful enough to wake up early and take Steve to the airport so I wouldn’t have to try getting the kids in the van at 6 AM (Thank you Mikey!) Steve called me around 8:30 to tell me that he volunteered to give up his seat and go on a later flight. Not a huge deal since he would either be in SLC for extra hours or in Oakland for a coupled of hours waiting to check in to the hotel. He opted to give up his seat and wait for the 4 o’clock. Poor guy spent 9 hours at the SLC airport! BUT, he did get a voucher for a free flight that we’ll be using next year to go to New Jersey for his buddy’s wedding (Bryan). Plus a meal ticket. So, around 730 (or was it 8?) tonight he called to let me know he was there and check into the hotel safe and sound.

But, let me tell you…I felt SO alone today. I was a bit tired and played that off to my neighbors (sorry Katie and Shana!) but it was really that I felt lonely…even with two kids at home and my neighbors around. Odd how that is, isn’t it? To feel alone although you’re surrounded by people you love. I’ve felt that way a few times with my family in town too…what an odd thing. Luckily I got a bit distracted when Mikey and Coley stopped by to pick up some poppers that they left here. I SO love holding that sweet baby boy! Spencer held him for a long time and we realized how much he has started focusing on faces. He loved staring at Spencer and Spencer thought it was really cool. What a cute boy (actually, BOYS!). Evie had fun playing with Mikey a lot…even when he’d play “la testa” with hers and Spencer’s heads! πŸ™‚ (it was a soft ball – no damage!)

So, only 5 more days and Steve’ll be home. I can’t wait! I sure do miss my other half. I don’t like being away from him for too long. I don’t think I could handle being a single mom or a soldier’s wife…how you ladies do it, I don’t know and to be honest, I hope I’ll never have to know. You girls are so strong – kudos to you! Anyway, that was just a piece of things on my mind. Hope it wasn’t too much for you…if it was I bet you stopped reading by now. (Speaking of reading…I’m half way through Breaking Dawn! I SO wanted to beat Susan and Shana! But, alas, I didn’t…or haven’t yet…either way you look at it)

Jul 23
Busy Family
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Wow…I feel like we’ve been one busy family lately! I love spending time together and doing fun activities and I can’t wait to scrapbook them! Here’s a recap:

We went MINI-GOLFING with Mike, Nicole and Natalie:

Evie & Spencer got a shiny GOLF ball to take home…

So did Aunt Coley

We went to the LLAMA FEST with our neighbors, the Sterziks:

This is the Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork

Sydney pretending to play the piano

Spencer and Taylor looking at the alter

Spencer and Evie checking out the displays

Neat chairs

Shana and Bailey

No, my children aren’t in trouble….they were looking through the holes

Steve and Evie

Woman making thread from llama wool

The llama show…like a dog show…but with llamas! πŸ˜‰

4 month old baby llama

Evie and her pink cheeks. It was hot.

“Where go?” – Evie looking for the baby llama

Feeding the llama

That’s Evie feeding the llama.

Taylor and Sydney giving the llama a snack

Sydney and the llama

Bailey (with big Spencer’s nose)





We also went to dinner and the Spanish Fork Rodeo with our friends, Curtis and Camille:

Sky divers bringing in the American Flag

Mommy and Evie

We had seats on the east side so we had the sun in our eyes. It wasn’t too bad.

Spencer waiting (very oddly) for the “horsies” to come out.

Curtis and Camille

One rider jumps off to tackle the calf. The other helps “steer” the calf straight.

The tackling cowboy wrestles the calf to the ground.

One cowboy ropes the head, the other the legs.

The Clown decided to take the stunt bike for a ride while waiting for the rider. The Clown called the rider a

“SHIM” (She + Him) and the rider stormed off. So, the Clown decided to try the jump himself…

Not a huge surprise, but the Clown is actually the stunt rider. Spencer said this was his favorite part.

Evie stole daddy’s hat and looks oh-so-cute!

The Bull Riding was neat, but I was SO worried that someone was going to get a horn up the tush…you know, like on that reality tv show they always show you the guy who got it up the rear and got flung around. OUCH! I didn’t want to see anything like that first hand!

I think that about covers it for our family outings lately. Well, that is, until tonight is over. We’re heading to Lagoon on Novell’s tab! I’ll post pics later.

Jul 16
Wide Awake
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Here are a few pics of baby Gavin from yesterday. He had his eyes open and oh my goodness! He’s even more cute! I turned the flash off so I didn’t blind the sweet thing, and then lightened the pics, so the quality really isn’t very good…but enjoy them anyway!

Jul 14
New Nephew
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Saturday got us all really excited when Nicole asked questions about the ‘real contractions.’ Of course, I really was only able to tell her what happened with Evie since I had an epidural before the real contractions hit with Spencer (water broke early). It sounded like the same thing so we figured she was in labor. Annette and I (plus my kids) went to dinner with Coley on Saturday night to talk and hang out before she had him. Sunday morning before church I got a text on my phone that they were checked in to the hospital…yay! At 2:50, Mike and Nicole welcomed their beautiful baby boy to this world. He weighed 7 lbs 12 oz and was 20 inches Here are a few pics:

Baby Gavin

Doesn’t she look beautiful! And he is SO cute and sweet!

Gavin placed his hand on Nicole’s – what a sweet moment!

Family Picture

Gavin’s fingers on Mike’s

Proud Papa

Evie loved her new cousin! Kept trying to take him out of my arms so she could hold him herself

Spencer is so excited about Gavin – he really wants to teach him to play soccer…until then, Spencer says Gavin can watch him play until he gets bigger.

We are so excited about this little boy joining our family and we can’t wait to see him grow up! Mike and Nicole are already such great parents and I know they’ll do great! I can’t wait to see what surprises they’re going to get! (Just make sure you don’t put your Oreo bag anywhere near him when you’re changing his diaper! He just might pee in it!) πŸ˜‰ Love you guys!

Jul 8
Ready, Set, Spike
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Here are pics of Mike’s ankle (see I Had A Rough Day ~ Spencer) after playing volleyball with me. LikeΒ  how swollen and pretty colored it is? πŸ™‚

Jun 20

I’m LOVING THESE PICTURES! Here’s a few more:

I love this last one…I think it’d make a REALLY cute picture for their wall or something!

Jun 19

I seriously love these pictures and the artistic feel to them! And Mike, I gotta say that I think it’s great to see how much you love Nicole and Gavin in these pictures. I can’t wait to see you kiss your sweet son on the head when he comes! Nicole, you totally radiate even with the ‘grunge’ feel of the pictures! (Oh, don’t worry Mike…I think you only look THAT gray because of the contrast change!) πŸ˜‰

Apr 14
Baby Book
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So, I decided to steal the idea from my neighbor to make my own baby books (and sell them on our site). I’m making one Jungle themed for Mike and Nicole when they have their baby in July. Here are a few pages I’ve completed:

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