May 26
Tulip Festival
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Last month (yes, I’m late posting it!) we visited the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point. The flowers were at 90% bloom (I think) and we had a great time!  It was chilly and overcast and it ended up raining on us, but we still had a blast. It would have been better if Joel & Evan (Evan had his surgery days before this), Mike, Nicole and Gavin (not wanting Gav in the cold…don’t blame you!) and Steve (studying for finals…or working…can’t remember!) could have come too. Here are just a few pictures from our visit…enjoy!


Jun 9

Annette and I were preparing for the digi scrap class we’re teaching and wanted to show different styles people prefer (very little embellishment to a ton of embellishment). Annette called this one “The Fluff’s the Stuff” and I loved it! It’s actually the style I prefer. If you want to see Annette’s style, click here.