Apr 14
I want my mommy!!!!
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Okay, so today was an absolutely beautiful day! The kids were playing and Shana and I were enjoying the sun in the front yard. I put my arm down on the arm rest and… OUCH! Stupid thorn. I looked and there wasn’t anything on the arm rest. I put my arm down again and it was still hurting. That’s when I noticed the STUPID WASP with his STINGER IN MY ARM!!!! OUCH! I don’t remember ever being stung before! It hurts! :*( Shana (who’s allergic) smooshed it for me and made a baking soda & vinegar mixture. I finally figured out where the puncture hole was so she put it on and covered it with a Princess bandaid. It helped with the sting. I decided to take a picture of the little stinger…I mean stinker…before I flushed him (to make sure the kids didn’t step on him).

The Culprit:

Jan 4

Last night I came home from Springville (Annette’s and spinning class) around 10:00 pm. Both kids fell asleep so after I parked I got Evie unbuckled (she woke up a little bit), had my bag on my left shoulder, Evie on my left hip, keys and phone in my right hand. As I was climbing the stairs in the back, my shoe got caught on a piece of metal sticking out, putting a hole in my shoe and causing me to fall UP the stairs. OUCH! My left shin hit the edge of the step, as well as my left arm (luckily! Evie almost cracked her head on the edge!), I got a huge gouge below my right knee and as I fell I skinned my right palm on the top step (also digging deep scrapes into my phone!). It hurt like…heck! Steve heard me fall and opened the back door. He went to get Spencer from the van while I got cleaned up. I know have 3 bandaids covering my “owies” and bumps and bruises on my legs. I hate stairs sometimes! (Some of you might recall I slipped on Annette’s carpeted stairs about 3 months ago…also holding Evie…and wearing new socks. My bum bruised on that one!)

Nov 8
Hurt Arm
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Spencer is cursed with hurting his arm. He hurt his arm again last night, although he wouldn’t tell me what he was doing when it started hurting. I asked him if he wanted me to wrap his arm in a bandage and he agreed. What a sad little face!