Oct 29
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Halloween 2008

Oct 3
I want! I want!
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Okay – so I pretty much just copied and pasted this from the oh so fabulous Mod Podge Rocks blog. I LOVE THAT BLOG! She had an article on there from Becca (intro below) and I SO want to do this! Check out how cute it is!
Hey Mod Podgers! I’m Becca from Blue Cricket Design and I’m super happy to be here today! Mod Podge definitely Rocks but not nearly as much as Amy and her awesome blog! Both are two of my favorites!!! I’m thrilled to be able to come and play and show off my MP skills!

Are you guys ready for a little Halloween fun?


Halloween Hangy thingy-ma-bobs!!!

(a.k.a. Halloween Ornaments!)

Are they too much fun or what!!!!

I was introduced to paper-mache Christmas ornaments from my cousin! I thought to myself “Self! Wouldn’t these be perfect for any Holiday!?!” For sure!!

Some whimsical painting and Halloween colors make these little guys Spookerific!

Here’s the “How To” low down…

What you’ll need:

  • Those glass ornaments I’m sure you can find in your Christmas stash! If you need to go get some check your thrift stores first! I picked up a 24 pack for 50 cents!!! SCORE!
  • A newspaper
  • The magic Craft nectar MOD PODGE
  • Paint
  • Patience…the painting can take a while!
  • Wire for hanging
  • Beads for added touch!

1. Get your balls ready! (trying not to laugh over here!)

2. Take newspaper and rip it into thin strips. If you rip from the top of the page to the bottom, it rips super smooth and even. HINT: The thinner the strips, the smoother the paper will lay. Strips should be about 1/4″- 1/2″ thick.

    3. Mix 1 part water with 1 part Mod Podge! Enough to submerge your paper in.

    4. Dip each strip into the MP mixture being sure to get it completely wet. Using your fingers, wipe off excess mixture.

5. Start wrapping the wet paper strips onto the ornaments.

6. Continue wrapping paper strips and be sure to get the lip of the bulb that holds the top hanging thing.

7. Cover all of your ornaments completely.

8. Hang them to dry overnight!

Once they are completely dried you can start to get crazy and paint your heart out!

Get creative with your designs and patterns!

Add glitter and gems to add sparkle or cut out Halloween images from Scrapbook paper and MP them on! The possibilities are endless!

Add wire and beads if you plan on hanging them! I have mine hanging on door knobs and cupboard knobs throughout my house. You could also display them in a bowl or basket or jar just as they are!

Thanks for letting me share! Amy, you’re the best!

Nov 8
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So, I’m a bit late on this and a little out of order but things have been busy! Kids are just the cutest – especially at Halloween. Here are some so sweet pictures of Spencer, Evie, and their cousins.

I had to steal some pics from Mike and Nicole since I didn’t pull out my camera when I saw them! Oops! (and for some reason the page with mike’s picture won’t load so I can’t steal it!) 🙁

Oct 30
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Evie and Spencer got dressed up in their Halloween costumes today so I could take a few pictures. I must say…my kids are so dang cute!