Nov 8
New Hair!
icon1 memilyrae | icon2 Thoughts | icon4 11 8th, 2008| icon39 Comments »

For my birthday (thanks mom and dad!) I went to get my hair done by my friend, Cami. I called to make an appointment, met Annette to give her my kids (thank you!), and headed to see Cami. I pretty much said “I’m tired of my hair, do what you want as long as all I have to do is flat iron it!” She told me her favorite thing to do lately is the ‘stack’ (I think) and showed me a picture. I said “Go for it!” So – she did!

Jun 8
Try, Try Again
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So, in a previous post you saw what happens when I get a hold of the razors and try cutting Spencer’s hair short on the sides but longer on top…

I decided I wanted to just shave it all since we’re doing family photos on Saturday. As I was finishing off the top, Spencer says, “I want mommy and daddy to do it.” So I said I’d do some of it and daddy could finish the rest. Here’s what I did…in honor of my brother, Brent…

Both Stephen and Spencer liked it but it was uneven and, I hate to admit, a really sloppy job. BUT, at least I took a few pictures!

Here’s my little stud after I finished cutting his hair and he got ready for church. What a GQ Stud!

And here is dear Evie…and what happens when we put a dress on her…

Jun 3
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I’ve been DYING to do Evie’s hair and actually have it stay in longer than 10 seconds! I was FINALLY able to for church on Sunday! THEN Spencer saw Evie get her hair done and he let me do his hair too! I wanted to be able to spike it, but the sides were too long so I ATTEMPTED to cut it. I might just shave it all again soon…he looks like he’s heading to the military!