Sep 7
A Camping We Will Go
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We went on a spur of the moment camping trip with Jed, Leona, Reid and William starting on the 15th (back in August). We shopped for food, packed and got the heck out of Dodge. We were heading up to Flaming Gorge…I just wish I knew the Wyoming side was ugly and dead compared to the Utah side! We set up camp around 100 or 130 a.m., hunkered down and slept. It was chilly the first day we were there but it seemed nicer than the heat. Stephen and Jed went fishing for HOURS at a time, leaving us to pass the time playing in the dirt, building a fire pit (which then had to be moved since we didn’t account for flying ashes possibly burning down the tent), feeding the kids, getting the kids to nap (ha!), going on short bike rides around the campsite, and for me, burning. (yah…that sunscreen stuff is around for a reason!) Speaking of burning, poor Evie chose the wrong thing to put her arm on as she was walking…put her arm right on the side of the grill AFTER we got done using it. 🙁 Poor thing. The boys did great the first outing, but not so well on Monday. We watched them prep the fish (gutting, skinning or whatever they do to them). I even got to experience first hand a scene from the movie, Finding Nemo. You know the one…Nemo’s siblings eaten by a barracuda. (insert up-chuck here). Steve had a head cold so the 10 hour fishing outing on Monday was too much…actually, it was too much 4 hours into it. To tell you the truth, Monday was just a big mistake anyway. I’m not a camping girl so 3 nights is too much for me – especially in the heat and dead surroundings. We left Monday after 3 or 4 (can’t remember) and once we got cell reception had a whole new adventure waiting for us.

That’s right…this ‘spur of the moment’ camping trip is not like me and my family got worried – REALLY worried – since I didn’t mention it to them and our cell phones had zero reception there. We realized how much my family loves us – that’s for sure. Again, family, sorry for everything that you went through and to my neighbors, sorry for the phone calls from my family! 😉 love you guys!

Sep 7
Zoo Trip
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Okay, so I’m SUPER UPER behind on my blog. So, here’s my attempt to catch up.

In August, we went to the zoo with Leona, her boys, and most of the kids she babysits. We were gone for a few hours but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be with 8 kids.

Evie was my biggest struggle…Little Miss Independent with short legs.

Explored everything…

Watched the elephant show…poor little Evie got the mini fan stuck in her hair…

Drank out of the lion’s head…

The carousel was up and running…

We had fun at the monkey house…

Saw the white alligator…

Got a long look at the giraffe and her baby…

Touched a centipede…

Got ice cream to cool off…

And rode the train…

I know that’s a lot of pictures but what can I say? We have some cute kids!

Aug 5
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Husbands are so wonderful! David, Brent, Spencer, and Steve were wonderful enough to put the kids to bed on Friday night so that Susan, Katie, Shana and I could have a girls night. We stopped by Walmart to check out the line, but there wasn’t one. We then headed to Barnes and Noble where we knew there was a par-tay and started walking around. Our friend, Erin, told us about a game she and Ammon played at a concert called “Your Team.” We decided to play while we walked around. We’d see someone dressed up and say “Shana – Your Team” (or, whomever we wanted)  and we’d try to see if we could ‘top’ the last “teammate.” It was quite funny. After walking around Barnes and Noble, we went back to Walmart. We got ice cream from McDonalds and then got in line. Shana and I ran to get some things for home that she needed, paid for it and ran it to the car. We only had to wait an hour in line (more or less) before they began selling Breaking Dawn. Here are a few pictures, both from my camera and from Susan’s:

This was pretty much our whole night in a nut shell. I wish we would have gotten more “Your Team” pictures but we didn’t. Susan was the most daring – asking to get pictures with some of the freaks…I mean, fans (I’m a fan too…just not the kind who likes to show it in my dress). Oh, and the toe picture…yeah…Susan thought she was rubbing her toes…but they were actually Shana’s. 🙂 HA! I wish I would have gotten some video of Katie singing and dancing…High School Musical, baby!

Susan was the first to finish the book – Shana is next in line – followed by me. I’m liking the book, but I also feel since Steve is gone I should be cleaning or doing other stuff. Anywho – it was a fun night that I’m glad I got to spend with my friends. Thanks gals!

Jul 23
Busy Family
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Wow…I feel like we’ve been one busy family lately! I love spending time together and doing fun activities and I can’t wait to scrapbook them! Here’s a recap:

We went MINI-GOLFING with Mike, Nicole and Natalie:

Evie & Spencer got a shiny GOLF ball to take home…

So did Aunt Coley

We went to the LLAMA FEST with our neighbors, the Sterziks:

This is the Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork

Sydney pretending to play the piano

Spencer and Taylor looking at the alter

Spencer and Evie checking out the displays

Neat chairs

Shana and Bailey

No, my children aren’t in trouble….they were looking through the holes

Steve and Evie

Woman making thread from llama wool

The llama show…like a dog show…but with llamas! 😉

4 month old baby llama

Evie and her pink cheeks. It was hot.

“Where go?” – Evie looking for the baby llama

Feeding the llama

That’s Evie feeding the llama.

Taylor and Sydney giving the llama a snack

Sydney and the llama

Bailey (with big Spencer’s nose)





We also went to dinner and the Spanish Fork Rodeo with our friends, Curtis and Camille:

Sky divers bringing in the American Flag

Mommy and Evie

We had seats on the east side so we had the sun in our eyes. It wasn’t too bad.

Spencer waiting (very oddly) for the “horsies” to come out.

Curtis and Camille

One rider jumps off to tackle the calf. The other helps “steer” the calf straight.

The tackling cowboy wrestles the calf to the ground.

One cowboy ropes the head, the other the legs.

The Clown decided to take the stunt bike for a ride while waiting for the rider. The Clown called the rider a

“SHIM” (She + Him) and the rider stormed off. So, the Clown decided to try the jump himself…

Not a huge surprise, but the Clown is actually the stunt rider. Spencer said this was his favorite part.

Evie stole daddy’s hat and looks oh-so-cute!

The Bull Riding was neat, but I was SO worried that someone was going to get a horn up the tush…you know, like on that reality tv show they always show you the guy who got it up the rear and got flung around. OUCH! I didn’t want to see anything like that first hand!

I think that about covers it for our family outings lately. Well, that is, until tonight is over. We’re heading to Lagoon on Novell’s tab! I’ll post pics later.

Jul 19

Latisha came to town for a wedding from Cali. I haven’t seen her since our wedding more than 5 years ago! I so miss that girl!  She finally got onto Facebook and the world of friends opened up to her! Yahoo! Lisa M, Latisha, and I went to Mimi’s to eat. It was SO fun catching up and remembering the old days. We caught up on friends’ we keep in touch with and just had a great time…and ate too much food! Renee wasn’t able to make it because she was going to Cali to do some fire fighting (yeah…she rocks!). Or so we thought. She called and said she was still in town. We left Mimi’s and headed to Springville to visit Renee. Here’s the reason she didn’t leave:

The poor girl got in a bike wreck (she bought a new bike 2 days ago!) because some wretched woman sped in front of her so she could park on the side of the road…parked right on the edge of the bike lane and OPENED HER DOOR RIGHT WHEN RENEE WAS BIKING BY! Renee’s bike hit the door, she got bent around the door and then ROLLED 3 TIMES and ended up in TRAFFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She stood up, the woman asked if she was okay and she said she thinks she is. THE WOMAN BLAMED RENEE AND TOLD HER TO STOP. GOING. TOO. FAST. ON. HER. BIKE. Then walked off. WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?!? I want to find that woman and throw a few bikes on her car! Stupid woman!!!

We got to catch up with Renee and take a few pictures. And yes, we’re busting up in the first one because the pic we took right before I held my hand up with a “peace” sign but it looked like I was grabbing Renee’s ‘girls’ – so yeah…we were laughing hard. 🙂

Jul 8
Hot Air Balloons
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I know, I’m shocked too. I actually woke up early enough to go to the hot air balloon festival thing on the 4th. I woke up at 530 and got to the h.a.b. thing by 630.  We went with our friends Anthony & Christy Miller and their sons Derrick and Sean. Spencer and Evie really liked looking around and pointing at the fun balloons.

We were right next to a blue balloon and every time they pulled

the string for the fire, we felt a heat wave.

Once they got in the air, we had a great time seeing where they

all headed. Our favorite to find was the pig.

Sean and his daddy sharing a sweet moment…I just thought

it was so sweet.

The sun rising over the mountains.

Anthony and Christy

Balloons and Sunrise

By the way, Steve stayed in bed! 😉

Jun 21
Thank you REID!
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On Wednesday, Leona and the boys came over to hang out for a while. We were playing out front when Reid says, “I have to go potty by myself!” Spencer replied, “Me too!” I ran up behind them. Reid took his turn going potty then Spencer decided it was his turn to go potty. He did WONDERFUL! Since then, Spencer has used the little potty a ton since then! He’s been so great to tell me that he needs to go potty. He is so proud of himself…he can pull down his pants and underwear, go potty, wipe, pull up his underwear and pants, and (since it’s the little potty) dump the ‘contents’ in the toilet (plus flush). Thank you SO much Reid for coming over and showing Spencer that he can be a big boy like you!

Jun 18
Triana Ord Photography
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My friend, Triana, who is starting her photography business took our family pictures last Saturday. She’s been a busy bee and I’m so excited for her! We met her at the BYU duck pond at the south end of campus and started playing. We took a few family shots playing on the ground (until Spencer bumped his nose and got a nose bleed), let Mikey & Coley do their family shots and maternity shots, then did a few more family shots. While Mikey and Coley were up, Spencer and Evie played. Triana snapped a few shots of my kids but Evie NEVER SMILED. What an attitude!!!! 🙂 But she’s my attitude, right!?!? 😀 We tried pleasing the kids by sitting where they wanted to see if we could get them to smile…it worked with Spencer, plus Mikey throwing little pod berry things at him, but not with Evie. Triana was awesome though and always tried looking for an artistic and expressive look. She put this picture on her photography blog of Evie and her ‘tude and I just love it!

I am SO going to have her take our family pictures every year and for those of you who read this and live in Utah, you should totally consider her to take yours as well.  I’ll post more pictures once she’s done editing them and giving them this “grungy/rustic” feel that I love so much. Seriously, take a look at her site and HIRE HER! She’s wonderful and amazing!!!!

Here’s a few more:

Jun 15
Told You So…
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So, after 30 minutes outside talking with my neighbor, Shana (who the day before FRIED the back of her legs and I laughed at her), I ended up looking like this!

And all I can say is OUCH! OUCHIE! Please, pity me! 🙂

Jun 13
Congrats Becky & Will
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We are so excited for Becky and Will! Their baby girl is finally here! What a sweet face she has! Naomi is beautiful!

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