Jul 12
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A lots been going on lately so here’s a large post to catch you up….

We moved into our new home end of May/beginning of June.  We had such wonderful friends and family help us load and unload and unpack. Thank you EVERYONE who helped! (I didn’t have my camera during the packing and unloading…so this is all I have…


The first thing I hung on our walls….


Steve got a new grill and loves it.


I had to say “see ya later” (I won’t say goodbye!) to my Primary girls. I cried. A lot.


The kids have been having a blast playing in the sand lately. Lucky for them they have a box at Netty’s and Grandma & Grandpa’s!


And they love playing with their cousins….



We’ve seen SO many beautiful rainbows lately! They’re SO pretty!


We’ve been to the pond a few times to feed the ducks and play on the playground. One FHE we spent with our friends Brian, Nikki and Neve.


A random picture…Someone was tired…


And a new family member, thanks to my high school friend Celeste…


Jun 17
Old ward
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So I know I just posted about our new ward, but let me tell you…I miss our old ward too! I miss my Primary Kids, my Girls in the Primary Presidency and our neighbors. After 4.5+ years there, we sure do miss you guys! I felt very tender hearted when Steve passed on to me what our old neighbor said….the Shelley’s were our neighbors and our kids (and us adults) were great friends. But Evie and Cyana were the best little buddies “ever” (as Evie would say). I guess on Sunday when Cyana got to nursery and Evie wasn’t there, Cyana ended up crawling under the table and started crying “I want MY Evie!” (I might have that wrong, but it was along those lines I believe). How cute/sad/sweet is that?!?!?

Evie's bestest friend

Evie's bestest friend

May 28
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Everything about our lives right now revolves around boxes. Big ones….small ones…some as big as your head! 🙂

We have our box wall…nearest the door to help all of those who are helping us move. We also had a box that was too big for packing anything in that became a toy house….

I threw that one in with my kids and their cousin Gavin (I stole it from your blog mikie and coley) cause it’s so darn cute. They were watching Tom and Jerry.

Apr 2

K…so this morning I was taking Spencer and Evie to my sister’s house (I had to work) this is the conversation I had with Spencer:

Spencer: “My friends died.”

Mom: “What friends? I don’t remember any of your friends dying.”

Spencer: “Yeah…Collin with the crazy hair died.”

Mom: “No, he didn’t die, he just moved far, far away.”

Spencer: “Okay. So he didn’t die. When will I play with him again?”

So in loving memory of you, Collin, I’m putting up a recent picture to show Spencer (Thanks Katie…I stole it from Facebook!)


Dec 14
UVU Basketball
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Steve bought us tickets to go see UVU play the Aggies tonight. At first, it was just alright. I tried showing Spencer what was happening – and then daddy stole him from me, but Evie was more than entertaining the whole game. She loved watching the dancers and when I asked, “Are you going to dance?” or “Will you learn to do that?” she’d say “yep” and shake her head. She’s such a cheeseball and would let me take her picture…Spencer, on the other hand, wouldn’t. But he couldn’t stop me when he passed out on daddy’s lap! Steve’s friend from work (and former boss-man) sat next to us and cheered on the Smaggies while we cheered on the Wolverines! Too bad at the end, Jason did more cheering. Here are some pretty darn cute pictures from our night out:

Oct 13
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We went with Jed & Leona and Austin & Rosanne to Upalco over Conference weekend. It was a lot of fun! On Friday evening, we headed to Jed’s parents’ house and got settled in. The next two days were spent watching conference, playing with the kids outside and chatting away. Saturday was rainy but that didn’t stop the kids from wanting to play outside. We let them. They all wanted apples and Leona helped the kids pull them off the tree. Those were some tasty apples. They had a few moments on the soap box (I won’t give details Rosanne!), otherwise known as a big rock, and chased around the dogs.

On Sunday the rain had stopped and we went for a hike up the mountain. Grandma Burton, Leona and I took the kiddos up. Spencer usually liked to run ahead and Reid was really good at throwing rocks. We got up pretty high and Steve came out to join us. Evie was little miss independent and at one point, Steve pulled out a cactus needle and showed Evie that it would hurt if she stepped on it. She wanted BOTH fingers poked. Silly girl. Sunday night we had a bonfire. If you see weird pics of Steve and Jed, they’re just trying to strick a match on their zippers. We ate, roasted marshmallows, packed up and headed home. We had a lot of fun and got to spend more time together with our friends.

Oct 13

Yet again, I dragged Annette along in my hair-brain ideas for a birthday party (which, oddly enough, she started me on years ago). I wanted to invite the kids on our street that Evie plays with which includes those her age, some younger, and some older. Plus there’s her cousins. We ended up inviting about 25 – 28 kids. Crazy, right? Luckily not everyone came (although we’re sad you didn’t!). We planned on having it at a local park and then the precipitation percent kept rising. We were told Saturday morning just a few hours before the party started that we can use the nursery room at the church. I was down in Springville helping Annette and finishing the cake (thank you Annette for finishing it!) , cutting out the horse heads (thank you Lauren and Kayley!) and sanding the yard sticks (thank you Joel!). I showed up 10 minutes before the party started. Luckily Steve and Leona got things together and the kiddos ready. We headed to the nursery room, blew a few balloons, set up tables and then Evie’s friends started showing up.

The boys got tabors (or something like that…sorry Mike!) and the girls got princess skirts.  We had them start coloring horse heads and when they were finished they were attached to wooden sticks. The kids really liked it! Next we set out blank crowns (that Annette, again, rescued me and spray painted them silver) and let them decorate them with foam or sequins.

Evie opened presents while the men so graciously cleaned up after the kids. She was really excited. Bri, Rich and Jadyn gave her a baby doll (including carrier and diaper bag with all the fixins) and a princess cell phone. Ayslind and Cyana gave her a cute little purse with lots of bracelets. Reid and William gave her a bathtime Ariel with Flounder.  Tyson, Cameron and Kaylee gave her a wooden doll with velcro and clothes (perfect for church!) and two purple bracelets. Thank you all! Evie was actually willing to give each and every one of her friends a hug!

Next we had cake and ice cream. Unfotunately one kid from a different birthday party at the church building snuck into the kitchen and put a few lines in the birthday frosting (in which one adult didn’t even say sorry once we told her! grrr!) but with Photoshop I fixed it up!

And that about sums it up…oh, unless Grams wants to know about the hissy fit Evie threw in the kitchen where she banged – yes BANGED – her head repeatedly on the floor giving her a pretty little bruise. I’ve included that picture too! 😉

Sep 22
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We were so glad to hear that Shadow was having a reception here in Utah. We told as many as we could from good ol’ Choctaw so we could have a mini-Choctaw-Pow-Wow. I’m not sure who all came, but we Lukes went together. It was so good seeing Charlie and Shadow! We sure do love the Sherwoods and were saddened to hear about sweet Liz. I was glad to hear that she was able to help Shadow plan for the wedding even though she passed away 2 weeks before it. 🙁 My parents were able to attend the funeral and the wedding in Kansas. That’s why we’re glad they had a reception here as well. Charlie seemed much like the same old Charlie we all remembered growing up. We all look up to him. Annette and Mike had many more memories with him than I did but believe me – I couldn’t forget him…ever. 🙂

Shadow looked beautiful! Evie kept saying “Princess!” and pointed at her in her wedding dress. I asked, “Is the princess pretty?” and Evie shook her head ‘yes’. How cute!

We took a few pictures of us Choctaw-ians. The group picture might look a little funny because another person was standing next to Shadow’s new husband (I can’t remember his name – but he’s one smart kid!) and I tried Photoshopping her out to get it to be just us. 🙂 Enjoy

Sep 22
Playgroup Lunch
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Last week we planned a Playgroup lunch at Bridal Veil Falls. Unfortunately, Leona didn’t come due to truck troubles and Rosanne showed up but didn’t see us through the tall weeds and turned around to go home. Luckily, Aimee and I were still able to get together. 🙂 Cameron, Kaylee (sorry Aims if I misspelled her name!), Spencer, Evie, and the two of us had lunch at a picnic table not too far from the falls. It started to rain a bit, but not enough to make us leave. The kids loved running down the hill (we kept telling them to slow down in fear of them face planting it). They climbed rocks, skipped rocks, road bikes, and just enjoyed the outdoors. Here are a few pics:

Sep 17
Ain’t Life Grand?
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Okay – I’m so sorry Lindsay but I have to laugh. Talk about bad luck…or location…or however you want to look at it!

My poor friend, Lindsay, and her hubby have now had 2, yes TWO, cars crash into the same corner of their living room in less than a year…less than 8 months! I’d say you need to move, but I also think these people need to pay for you to put up blockades as a fence (like those sturdy ones you see in front of businesses and banks). I sure love you and am so glad you’re okay. You looked really cute on the video too!

Everyone, take a look-see and be sure to watch the video!


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