Nov 8
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So, I’m a bit late on this and a little out of order but things have been busy! Kids are just the cutest – especially at Halloween. Here are some so sweet pictures of Spencer, Evie, and their cousins.

I had to steal some pics from Mike and Nicole since I didn’t pull out my camera when I saw them! Oops! (and for some reason the page with mike’s picture won’t load so I can’t steal it!) 🙁

Sep 22
BYU Football
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We are so excited that it’s football time again – and wow! BYU has not disappointed us yet. Seriously – 2 (Yes, that’s TWO) back-to-back shutouts so far (we’re hoping for a 3rd in a week and a half!). We are lucky enough to go to Mike and Nicole’s to watch it on tv since we couldn’t afford tickets this year and do not receive it on DISH. Here are a few pics from our BYU time with our family. Gavin is such a cutie! So are my kids! Evie is sporting a new hair style (flat ironed – her request) and Spencer’s picture is my new favorite. He really is a cutie just like his dad! And I hope I didn’t mess up Annette’s picture – the flash reflected in her glasses so I tried getting rid of it. GO COUGARS!

Sep 7

We were pleasantly surprised to know that our whole family was going to be here for Gavin’s baby blessing! Matt came out on Thursday, Mom and Dad on Friday, and Brent and Steph on Saturday! Yahoo! Matt, Brent and Steph were only able to stay for a couple/few days but we were still glad to have them around.

After attending my sacrament meeting, we went to Mike and Nicole’s building. Gavin’s blessing was beautiful (given by his daddy) and I teared up being able to be there and see the love that my biggest brother has for his son (such a cool thing!). Afterwards, we headed down to Annette’s for the food and mingling. I brought my camera out half way through so I didn’t get everyone who came.

We also got to see pictures from Stephanie’s trip to Ireland with Vince and his parents. Ireland is gorgeous and really makes me want to extend our (some day) honeymoon to more than just Italy! 🙂 Thanks Steph for sharing with us! It was beautiful and looks like you guys had loads of fun!

I also got to help Brent see what his racecar might look like painted. I never usually get to do anything with Brent so it was really cool to be able to help him (yay for Photoshop!)

Sep 7
A Camping We Will Go
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We went on a spur of the moment camping trip with Jed, Leona, Reid and William starting on the 15th (back in August). We shopped for food, packed and got the heck out of Dodge. We were heading up to Flaming Gorge…I just wish I knew the Wyoming side was ugly and dead compared to the Utah side! We set up camp around 100 or 130 a.m., hunkered down and slept. It was chilly the first day we were there but it seemed nicer than the heat. Stephen and Jed went fishing for HOURS at a time, leaving us to pass the time playing in the dirt, building a fire pit (which then had to be moved since we didn’t account for flying ashes possibly burning down the tent), feeding the kids, getting the kids to nap (ha!), going on short bike rides around the campsite, and for me, burning. (yah…that sunscreen stuff is around for a reason!) Speaking of burning, poor Evie chose the wrong thing to put her arm on as she was walking…put her arm right on the side of the grill AFTER we got done using it. 🙁 Poor thing. The boys did great the first outing, but not so well on Monday. We watched them prep the fish (gutting, skinning or whatever they do to them). I even got to experience first hand a scene from the movie, Finding Nemo. You know the one…Nemo’s siblings eaten by a barracuda. (insert up-chuck here). Steve had a head cold so the 10 hour fishing outing on Monday was too much…actually, it was too much 4 hours into it. To tell you the truth, Monday was just a big mistake anyway. I’m not a camping girl so 3 nights is too much for me – especially in the heat and dead surroundings. We left Monday after 3 or 4 (can’t remember) and once we got cell reception had a whole new adventure waiting for us.

That’s right…this ‘spur of the moment’ camping trip is not like me and my family got worried – REALLY worried – since I didn’t mention it to them and our cell phones had zero reception there. We realized how much my family loves us – that’s for sure. Again, family, sorry for everything that you went through and to my neighbors, sorry for the phone calls from my family! 😉 love you guys!

Jun 28

Dea Spina put out a Volunteer Creative Team member call (first come-first serve) and I was the first to respond! Dea allowed me to use her kit LikeNoOther in exchange for my layout(s) that she could use in her emails, blog, etc. I had so much fun doing this and can’t wait for another opportunity to try again! Thanks Dea!

Jun 23
More Pics…
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Apr 8
All About Matt
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This is especially for Matt (per his request). I didn’t completely remember how the whole “throw Uncle Matt away” even took place but it’s still pretty cute. It’s a long video because I included Evan, Spencer and Luke wrestling with Uncle Matt (with Mikey joining in to help). Enjoy!

All About Matt

Apr 8
Attack the Mikey
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We had lots of fun when the family came out for Kayley’s baptism. Here is just one of the many videos/pictures

Attack the Mikey

Apr 1
Family Pictures
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The Luke Family

David and Ruth…who started it all

Joel and Annette

The Lyons Family…Da da da da (Adams family)

Mike and Nicole

Nicole and Gavin

Brent and Shelley


I didn’t realize that we didn’t get Matt by himself so I added this picture

Steve and Emily

(We did not get a family picture because Spencer wasn’t a happy or cooperative little man)

Mommy and Daughter


Siblings…the way we REALLY are

Siblings…the way we show our love

Da Girlz


Da Boyz

Dec 9
Christmas Pictures
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I decided to take Evie to Target to get her 1 year pictures but as soon as I found out there was no sitting fee I decided to do the whole family. Spencer didn’t want to smile most of the time and Evie just wanted to explore all of the props. Here are a few that turned out okay.

Family Pics


Kid Pics


Spencer (with mitt on wrong hand)


Evie (tired and very ready to take a nap) and her Teddy