Jul 21

Annette pointed out to me this morning that one of my layouts that I did for a “Volunteer Creative Team” call for Dea Spina was featured in their newsletter. How very cool. Take a look-see. (Click on “Late July” to download the correct newsletter from Digitals)

Jul 17
All Boy
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Here’s my “All Boy” kit:

Jul 15
Ay Matey
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So, I’m trying to design my own digital kits for digi scrapping. (Annette is supposed to be too! hint hint!) Here’s my “Ay Matey” kit:

Jul 1
July Desktop
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Here’s what I did for my July desktop. If anyone is interested in one, let me know (I’ll swap the pics out if you’d like!) This one has Mike and Nicole (and Gavin) since their baby is due soon…but hopefully not before the 4th!

Jun 28

Dea Spina put out a Volunteer Creative Team member call (first come-first serve) and I was the first to respond! Dea allowed me to use her kit LikeNoOther in exchange for my layout(s) that she could use in her emails, blog, etc. I had so much fun doing this and can’t wait for another opportunity to try again! Thanks Dea!

Jun 19
Creating Desktops
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So, I’ve seen a few people out there who design their own desktop every month with a cute picture and a calendar of the month. Here’s what I came up with…

Jun 9

Annette and I were preparing for the digi scrap class we’re teaching and wanted to show different styles people prefer (very little embellishment to a ton of embellishment). Annette called this one “The Fluff’s the Stuff” and I loved it! It’s actually the style I prefer. If you want to see Annette’s style, click here.

Jun 3

One of the scrapbook sites I love (http://scraporchard.com/) was doing a challenge using this kit. Here was my take on it:

May 21

Who knew a swing would bring so much drama? On Mother’s Day we were outside enjoying the day with our neigbhors. Evie was playing fine until she say our neighbor friend, Baily, get into the swing. She threw such a tantrum!!!

Then, yesterday, Evie was watching from the window and saw Bailey in the swing again. She stood there yelling “My Swing! My Swing!” I said, “Evie, can’t we share the swing with your friends?” Evie yelled, “NO!” I couldn’t help but laugh. Steve said she’s like her mommy…my first word (if I remember right) was “no” and at some point my favorite word was “mine.”

May 19

Steve and the kids spent Saturday outside while I “enjoyed” being sick inside. I kept the door open and pulled up a chair whenever Steve needed to get something done or go somewhere so I could keep an eye on the kids. Sweet Evie had more fun than I could say…and here’s the proof!

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