Jun 26

So, as most of you know, I LOVE digital scrapbooking! I have about 36 GIGS of digi scrap stuff. I am so appreciative to those who create wonderful elements (papers, embellishments, etc) for others to buy and use. Most of the designers will give away a small part of a kit (a.k.a. “freebie”). I subscribe to lots of designers’ blogs to keep up on all the great things they have and are selling or giving away but for those blogs that I’m not subscribed to, the Ikea Goddess finds them for me!

Ikea Goddess

She does a daily compilation of the freebies she finds and gives you a thumbnail and website to find them on. Thank you Ikea Goddess!

Jun 22
A Giveaway?
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Go take a look-see!

Jun 21

This is becoming one of my favorite blogs ever! It shows other blogger’s talents (i.e. – jewelry, pastry chefs, homemade crafts, and even monthly visiting teaching kits!) I’ve found so many great ideas that I’d love to try (of course, the possiblities overwhelm me!) to my home. Some day…but as long as I keep the idea then maybe I will.

Jun 21
Awesome Website
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I came across this website due to Taylor Made Digi Designs blog. I thought it was neat how she uses it and does a print screen image to show who her lucky winners are…now I want to figure out a way where I can use it!


Jun 21
Blog Stalker
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Okay, just in case anyone was confused…I’m calling myself a ‘blog stalker” … it’s true…I find a blog, who talks about another blog, that has links to tons of other blogs…and here am I…making sure I check out every single one of them. AND, if I like what they do on it, I subscribe using Google Reader (tells me who updates so I don’t have to check each one every day). So, I’ve decided to add a “Blog Stalker” post for great blogs that I find. Please feel free to take a look if the description appeals to you or if you just want to check out why it appealed to me! 🙂

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