Sep 7
Zoo Trip
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Okay, so I’m SUPER UPER behind on my blog. So, here’s my attempt to catch up.

In August, we went to the zoo with Leona, her boys, and most of the kids she babysits. We were gone for a few hours but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be with 8 kids.

Evie was my biggest struggle…Little Miss Independent with short legs.

Explored everything…

Watched the elephant show…poor little Evie got the mini fan stuck in her hair…

Drank out of the lion’s head…

The carousel was up and running…

We had fun at the monkey house…

Saw the white alligator…

Got a long look at the giraffe and her baby…

Touched a centipede…

Got ice cream to cool off…

And rode the train…

I know that’s a lot of pictures but what can I say? We have some cute kids!

May 28
Zoo Trip
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Today was such a fun and wonderful day! Steve has one week off before his new job and we are loving every minute of it! Today we woke up, got ready and headed to the Hogle Zoo. The kids have been excited for days (Evie is mainly excited because she sees Spencer talking about the animals). We packed the stroller with water and fishie crackers, and I, of course, had the camera ready. The kids were SO cute in their little hats!!!!

We started off with the monkeys. Most of them were outside (it was SUCH a nice morning!) Two monkeys (too bad I can’t remember what kind they were…they were hairy, mostly black with a white tummy…I think) were playing tag, jumping around the whole caged area and just having a blast! The kids thought it was great!

Steve and I would ask the kids “Should we see the bears next or the penguins?” and Spencer’s answer was “I want to see the lions” every single time! (Poor kid…there wasn’t a single lion in the whole zoo…but he did see a few other wild cats) We would try to point to the animals to show Evie where they were and sometimes we’d wonder if she could see them or not…but we finally clued in that she would wave “hi” to the animals once she saw them.

Spencer’s favorite animals too see were the “Ghost of the Bayou” alligator (the white alligator) and the “Little” American alligator. But YUCK to all the humidity in that exhibit! Steve said that’s how New Jersey feels…plus lots more heat. ICK ICK YUCKY YUCKY!

We ran into our neighbors who reminded us about the “shows” they do. We started watching the elephant show…but Steve and I were more distracted by a big black bird with blue wings (what were they called again Coley?) kill…yes KILL…a small sparrow-like bird. The Elephant swung its trunk at the black bird and scared it away but as soon as the elephant turned its back the black bird came back to finish the job. By that time it was probably best that the poor little bird be “finished off.” It was SO sad. The kids liked the elephants show…but they seemed to get bored of all the talking and not enough ‘showing.’

We visited the black bears and zebras (the “little Cosmo” cougar wasn’t out yet) before visiting the penguins.

I was SO excited that the kids weren’t scared to take a drink from the lion’s mouth water fountain. I love these pictures and think it should be a MUST with every zoo visit.

The kids liked the funny giraffes. One giraffe was licking/kissing the doorframe and Spencer thought that was extremely funny. Steve liked when the giraffe picked its nose with its tongue! Yuck! (although I believe TWO of my old roommates could barely stick their tongues in their noses…not each others, mind you…and I thought it was funny…but gross…you know who you are!) Notice Evie’s new obsession? Her belly button!

I was so excited when we could actually SEE the cheetah! We NEVER see the cheetah! We had to stand at the top of the hill but he was rolling around in the grass (the movement helped Spencer find it). YAY!

Evie wanted to be held and wanted to lay her head on my shoulder. Needless to say we missed the reptile house but we didn’t mind.

We ended the trip with a ride on the Zoofari Express. Spencer has always loved trains so this is an extra bonus for him. Evie enjoyed it too.

They seemed to get their second wind as we were leaving…probably due to the extremely huge ball/globe that rotates with the water pressure from underneath. They loved running their hands in the water.

We decided to have lunch at Village Inn…yum…breakfast foods!

And then it was time to rest and relax….at least for the kids. I needed a nap too…but look at the time! It’s 1:00 am and I’m still not asleep. 🙂

We had such a great time with just our little family. We realized that sometimes it’s more enjoyable to do things with a smaller group than it is a larger one (and sometimes just the opposite). I think the kids truly loved today and I can say I truly did too!