Sep 10
9/11 – 10 years later
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it’s Friday night. 9/9/11 at 11:18 PM. Stephen and I were watching “Made in America” on the History Channel. Stephen fell asleep and he has the remote. My heart is just aching. My chest is tight. My eyes are filled with tears. I have not seen most of these videos from 9/11.

A young girl asked her dad why they took the Twin Towers away. The men and women who put their lives in danger trying to help anyone and everyone – how do you thank them? How do you show your gratitude for all they’ve done? How do they live with what they’ve seen? What they had to go through? How did they get through that much steel? How could anyone survive?

I think about the Oklahoma City Bombing. I was in 6th grade. I remember watching the news watching the updates. I remember talking about it at church, at school. I count the children still growing in the womb of their mothers. 171. That’s the number I say. 171.

I was in college for 9/11.

I lived with my sister and her family. I woke up in a rush … I had a math test. My Brother-In-Law told me to come watch the TV…I saw but it didn’t register. I rushed to school. I took my test. I felt relief. Then I walked into the hallway. Students filled the hallways watching the TVs. Then I realized what was happening. That took over much of our lives for quite a while.

My thoughts are so scrambled and emotional.

I didn’t realize how many buildings fell.

I feel sad for those who were hurt just because they came from the same country as those who were responsible. Hearing the threats, hearing the stories of those who were attacked…hatred is an evil thing.

I can’t imagine what Sunday will be like. the 10th anniversary.

The Oklahoma City Memorial has this quote: “We come here to remember those who were killed, those who survived and those changed forever. May all who leave here know the impact of violence. May this memorial offer comfort, strength, peace, hope and serenity.®”

Sep 5

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Sep 3

And anyone else who wants to see 🙂


Aug 22

Aug 22

Spencer is a 1st Grader. A FIRST GRADER!!! AHHHHHHHHH! He is growing up WAY too fast! He didn’t want me to take his picture but this was the closest thing to a real smile I got…not to mention it wasn’t the best quality picture (I really need to find my camera!). Either way, I got a picture though! 🙂

I walked Spencer into class this morning – mainly because I needed to figure out what to do about school lunches. Spencer likes SOME of the food on the menu, so on the days that he doesn’t like it, we’ll do home lunches. Seriously…figuring out lunches is what freaks me out the most about him being in all day school. (especially because his taste in sandwiches consists of ham, cheese and KETCHUP! Nothing else. Ick!) I left him in the class and he found his cubby, desk and spot of the floor with no problem whatsoever. Such a good remember-er!

Here’s Spencer’s report on his first day:

After the Pledge of Allegiance (and then practiced again as a class) and did their morning routine going over what day it is, etc.

They practiced going to the lunch room to show them how it works. He loved eating at school – he got THREE chicken strips. He told me he was a little nervous about it but the teachers were really helpful. They sit with their class so it was nice to have them stay together.

Spencer loves that he had 3 recesses! (2 short, 1 long). They played soccer and on the playground equipment. He even hit his head but he was okay. 🙂 After recess they colored a picture then played a game. I showed up at the end as the 1st graders were getting sorted into their pick-up colors (location where the parents pick up their kids). Hopefully it will get easier for the students. We took his (kindergarten) girl friend, Summer, home which is nice since they are not in the same class this year.

All in all Spencer says he had a great day and is excited to go back tomorrow!

Aug 12
Laid Back Birthday
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It’s true…I’m not doing much for Lil’g’s birthday. Why? Because I’m not. He loves the water so we will be spending the day (or maybe half of a day!) with family at a waterpark. EASY PEASY! We won’t be doing the traditional 1st cake (maybe) because the park will not allow outside food inside. So I’ll have to decide if I make brownies later and let him get dirty (honestly he already eats all the other “stuff” including snack foods so it’s not a huge milestone for him). We did, however, end his birthday with a few presents.

Grams and Papa sent him a pool for the porch. He was fascinated with it before it even had water in it! The older kids loved it too! They changed around the cups and wheel a few times while Lil’g got in and out and in and out and in and out of it. (He is also having a blast with the box the pool came in!)

From Daddy, Mommy, Spencer and Evie we got him foam building blocks. He is having a blast knocking over whatever creations Evie and Spencer build!

I’ve asked our family to not get him any more clothes (except PJs) or toys (although bath or water toys would work)…I just got through de-junking our house…including the kids’ stuff 3 times (their clothes 4 times!!!) and we do NOT need any more! I know a few things that Grandma and Grandpa are planning and I know he will have a blast with those…but I’ll post pictures when we can see them again! (Cancer/Chemo and live vaccines do not go together well! We can’t let Lil’g near Grandma and Grandpa for 4 weeks! 🙁 FOUR WEEKS! That’s SO long! Makes me sad!)

More pictures to come! How I love my birthday boy!

Aug 12
My Mini-Cheerleader
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Okay, I admit it…I never once thought I wanted a girl to do cheerleading. Never. Don’t get me wrong…cheerleaders can do amazing stunts and are strong. But since I was never a peppy person I never wanted a daughter who was peppy either. But this week I might have changed my mind. I don’t know how much of an impact this will have on Evie when she gets older…and who knows, maybe we’ll do a yearly mini-cheer camp with the high school cheer leaders, but if she continues to try new things and eventually handle her stage fright, this could be a great thing for her!

I have 2 friends who are cheer coaches for one of the high schools here in SF. They are always so cute and down to earth and I’m envious of their fashion sense. (I’m also lucky enough to be their visiting teacher!) They told me and others from our ward and neighborhood about the cheer camp and Steve and I figured, Why not? Why not give Evie a chance to try something new? She’ll most likely freak out like she did at her dance performance, but this time I promised myself I wouldn’t push her, or try to guilt her into performing. (How mean was I?!??!) And who knows, she may surprise us…but then again she may freak out and refuse to go on the football field with the other girls. Then again, she loves “her cheerleader” Ariel…maybe she’ll cling to her and go out there (hopefully un-clinging herself enough to at least let Ariel do the performance!). Guess we’ll see tomorrow night!

Evie did FANTASTIC at the camp!!! We missed the 1st day (due to my lack of calendaring correctly!) and on the 2nd day it took her a good 15 – 20 minutes to go out on the gym with her friends and give it a try. Then she followed really well (usually a 3 second delay) and tried super hard. I love the video and pictures I got of her cute little kicks, or “rally” cheers. SO. CUTE. Here’s what I mean:

ward friends


"L" sticking close to Evie's side

Trying to keep up with the Cheerleaders

“Rally-ing” with Ariel

Evie's in the red (there's an arrow in case you need it!)

Evie and "her cheerleader" Ariel

Tomorrow night the group from the cheer camp and the SFHS Cheerleaders are performing during the half time of the football game at SFHS. I’m HOPING (actually wished on a shooting star tonight!) that Evie will go out there with Ariel and perform. But I won’t be disappointed (or surprised) if she’d rather watch everyone else do it. Here’s hoping!

Oh! Almost forgot…here are a few videos I uploaded to show you how cute they are:

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Aug 11
lil’g is ONE!
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What a fun, happy little guy we have! Before he was born people commented on how they feel drawn to him or felt they had a special connection to him (and I loved it!). He is still quite shy but his gap-toothed grin will sure make anyone smile!  I love my baby!!!

One Year Stats:

Height: 31 inches (80%)    Weight: 22.8 lbs (65%)     Head:  47 cm (75%)

Jul 23

Grandpa is helping Aunt Netty build shelves for her craft room…and Lil’g wants to be his helper! How cute is he?!?!


Jul 23
Oh Pinterest, how I love you!
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It’s true…I’m one of THOSE…I’m a Pinterest-lover. When I see cute ideas…I PIN it! When I see fun things to do with the kids…I PIN it! When I see ideas that I want in my home…I PIN it! If you haven’t heard of Pinterest you should look into it. Before, I would see cute ideas and save an image on my laptop but I wouldn’t remember where I found it so I wouldn’t have the details or instructions on what to do AND I can share it with my friends and see what they pin. Love. It.

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