One Down…Five To Go.

So, today was day one of Steve’s trip to Cali. He was lucky enough to go to Cali to attend and help at the Linux World Expo. My brother, Mike, was wonderful enough to wake up early and take Steve to the airport so I wouldn’t have to try getting the kids in the van at 6 AM (Thank you Mikey!) Steve called me around 8:30 to tell me that he volunteered to give up his seat and go on a later flight. Not a huge deal since he would either be in SLC for extra hours or in Oakland for a coupled of hours waiting to check in to the hotel. He opted to give up his seat and wait for the 4 o’clock. Poor guy spent 9 hours at the SLC airport! BUT, he did get a voucher for a free flight that we’ll be using next year to go to New Jersey for his buddy’s wedding (Bryan). Plus a meal ticket. So, around 730 (or was it 8?) tonight he called to let me know he was there and check into the hotel safe and sound.

But, let me tell you…I felt SO alone today. I was a bit tired and played that off to my neighbors (sorry Katie and Shana!) but it was really that I felt lonely…even with two kids at home and my neighbors around. Odd how that is, isn’t it? To feel alone although you’re surrounded by people you love. I’ve felt that way a few times with my family in town too…what an odd thing. Luckily I got a bit distracted when Mikey and Coley stopped by to pick up some poppers that they left here. I SO love holding that sweet baby boy! Spencer held him for a long time and we realized how much he has started focusing on faces. He loved staring at Spencer and Spencer thought it was really cool. What a cute boy (actually, BOYS!). Evie had fun playing with Mikey a lot…even when he’d play “la testa” with hers and Spencer’s heads! 🙂 (it was a soft ball – no damage!)

So, only 5 more days and Steve’ll be home. I can’t wait! I sure do miss my other half. I don’t like being away from him for too long. I don’t think I could handle being a single mom or a soldier’s wife…how you ladies do it, I don’t know and to be honest, I hope I’ll never have to know. You girls are so strong – kudos to you! Anyway, that was just a piece of things on my mind. Hope it wasn’t too much for you…if it was I bet you stopped reading by now. (Speaking of reading…I’m half way through Breaking Dawn! I SO wanted to beat Susan and Shana! But, alas, I didn’t…or haven’t yet…either way you look at it)