Husbands are so wonderful! David, Brent, Spencer, and Steve were wonderful enough to put the kids to bed on Friday night so that Susan, Katie, Shana and I could have a girls night. We stopped by Walmart to check out the line, but there wasn’t one. We then headed to Barnes and Noble where we knew there was a par-tay and started walking around. Our friend, Erin, told us about a game she and Ammon played at a concert called “Your Team.” We decided to play while we walked around. We’d see someone dressed up and say “Shana – Your Team” (or, whomever we wanted)  and we’d try to see if we could ‘top’ the last “teammate.” It was quite funny. After walking around Barnes and Noble, we went back to Walmart. We got ice cream from McDonalds and then got in line. Shana and I ran to get some things for home that she needed, paid for it and ran it to the car. We only had to wait an hour in line (more or less) before they began selling Breaking Dawn. Here are a few pictures, both from my camera and from Susan’s:

This was pretty much our whole night in a nut shell. I wish we would have gotten more “Your Team” pictures but we didn’t. Susan was the most daring – asking to get pictures with some of the freaks…I mean, fans (I’m a fan too…just not the kind who likes to show it in my dress). Oh, and the toe picture…yeah…Susan thought she was rubbing her toes…but they were actually Shana’s. 🙂 HA! I wish I would have gotten some video of Katie singing and dancing…High School Musical, baby!

Susan was the first to finish the book – Shana is next in line – followed by me. I’m liking the book, but I also feel since Steve is gone I should be cleaning or doing other stuff. Anywho – it was a fun night that I’m glad I got to spend with my friends. Thanks gals!