Busy Family

Wow…I feel like we’ve been one busy family lately! I love spending time together and doing fun activities and I can’t wait to scrapbook them! Here’s a recap:

We went MINI-GOLFING with Mike, Nicole and Natalie:

Evie & Spencer got a shiny GOLF ball to take home…

So did Aunt Coley

We went to the LLAMA FEST with our neighbors, the Sterziks:

This is the Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork

Sydney pretending to play the piano

Spencer and Taylor looking at the alter

Spencer and Evie checking out the displays

Neat chairs

Shana and Bailey

No, my children aren’t in trouble….they were looking through the holes

Steve and Evie

Woman making thread from llama wool

The llama show…like a dog show…but with llamas! 😉

4 month old baby llama

Evie and her pink cheeks. It was hot.

“Where go?” – Evie looking for the baby llama

Feeding the llama

That’s Evie feeding the llama.

Taylor and Sydney giving the llama a snack

Sydney and the llama

Bailey (with big Spencer’s nose)





We also went to dinner and the Spanish Fork Rodeo with our friends, Curtis and Camille:

Sky divers bringing in the American Flag

Mommy and Evie

We had seats on the east side so we had the sun in our eyes. It wasn’t too bad.

Spencer waiting (very oddly) for the “horsies” to come out.

Curtis and Camille

One rider jumps off to tackle the calf. The other helps “steer” the calf straight.

The tackling cowboy wrestles the calf to the ground.

One cowboy ropes the head, the other the legs.

The Clown decided to take the stunt bike for a ride while waiting for the rider. The Clown called the rider a

“SHIM” (She + Him) and the rider stormed off. So, the Clown decided to try the jump himself…

Not a huge surprise, but the Clown is actually the stunt rider. Spencer said this was his favorite part.

Evie stole daddy’s hat and looks oh-so-cute!

The Bull Riding was neat, but I was SO worried that someone was going to get a horn up the tush…you know, like on that reality tv show they always show you the guy who got it up the rear and got flung around. OUCH! I didn’t want to see anything like that first hand!

I think that about covers it for our family outings lately. Well, that is, until tonight is over. We’re heading to Lagoon on Novell’s tab! I’ll post pics later.