“I have a rough day” ~ Spencer

He said it alright! It’s been a rough day. This morning I was exhausted and both the kids woke up before I did. The previous post shows what happens when Evie’s running the place. We got ready, drove to Springville to pick up mail from a PO Box that has no reason for being in Springville…it should be in Orem or more north… and pictures and flowers from Walmart. We then drove to Novell to get Steve but ended up waiting for a half an hour since his boss came in and they needed to work on something together.

We then traveled up to Sandy and visited Mom Shaw in the hospital. She was very tired and the incision hurts but all in all she was doing okay. The had her walking around I think 5 hours after her surgery and every few hours after that. She’s rooming with a woman who keeps the tv on all night and swears at everything until the nurses come in where she turns into an angel. I’m sure she’ll be ready to come home soon…if she’s not past that point already!

Since we were in Sandy we took Spencer and Evie, plus Bri and Jadyn, to the Living Aquarium. The kids enjoyed running around, touching the water, and playing in the tunnels but it was definitely time to go at the end.

Steve had to be in Sandy at 7 and since that was only 2 hours after we were done with the Aquarium, me and the kids stayed up there to hang out with daddy. We went to the Fashion Place Mall for ice cream and took a stroll looking at the different stores. Steve headed to his meeting and we headed south.

We got to Orem and went to the Scera Park to play volleyball with Mikey and Coley. I sure do suck some^most of the time. It took me a while to ‘get in the swing of things’ where I sucked less. One of the guys hurt his ankle so we took a break to let him rest and get some tylenal in him. We started up shortly after and I set the ball to Mike. He went up, hit it in, but came down wrong. His ankle got twisted and already started to swell. 🙁 I feel really bad for him…I know it was an accident but I was the one who set the ball to him. 🙁 SORRY MIKEY! I hope you feel better soon.

Everyone left so I took the kids to the playground and let them play for about 45 minutes.  When I made Spencer and Evie get off the swing so we could leave, Spencer started walking funny and that’s when I noticed he was leaking through his diaper. 🙁 Not cool. I guess he was stinky when we were at the mall although I didn’t hear Steve tell me that and I didn’t smell it either. Evie was stinky at the mall and I changed her before we played volleyball. We got home and Spencer’s bum was red and very sore! 🙁 Poor little man. I put him in the bath to let him soak and then when to put Evie in and BAM! She was stinky again (3rd time today). They were both pretty…well, runny…and not stinky… and they both ended up with red and sore rumps. I feel so bad for them! It hurts them to run since the diaper or shorts rub against it.

I decided it was such a long day that I needed my dairy fix and we were out of milk. Spencer said he wanted to go to the store with me so pjs went on and off we went to the store. They were great until the check out stand where Evie found one of those pusher things with a dome on the bottom that pops the balls up as you push it…you know, the really loud, annoying ones. I told her she couldn’t do it in the middle of the store and she threw a HUGE fit. I was proud of myself for talking to her calmly even though I had a headache and just wanted to be at home or away from the kids. I put both kids in the cart since they like helping put the items on the moving belt and Evie decides to SIT on the edge of the cart. Well, I ‘catch’ her from falling over by ‘pushing’ her into the cart where she hit her head on the side. 🙁 I hugged her and kissed her and said I was sorry but she just wanted the popper noise maker thing and when I said ‘no’ again she threw another fit. Luckily the cashier lady was SUPER nice and said she really enjoys her job because she meets so many different people so  that was pretty cool.

We came home and as we were unloading, Evie came back outside and stood on the back porch and cried…very loudly.  Then it was drama about the sippy cups. And, can I just say,