Triana Ord Photography

My friend, Triana, who is starting her photography business took our family pictures last Saturday. She’s been a busy bee and I’m so excited for her! We met her at the BYU duck pond at the south end of campus and started playing. We took a few family shots playing on the ground (until Spencer bumped his nose and got a nose bleed), let Mikey & Coley do their family shots and maternity shots, then did a few more family shots. While Mikey and Coley were up, Spencer and Evie played. Triana snapped a few shots of my kids but Evie NEVER SMILED. What an attitude!!!! 🙂 But she’s my attitude, right!?!? 😀 We tried pleasing the kids by sitting where they wanted to see if we could get them to smile…it worked with Spencer, plus Mikey throwing little pod berry things at him, but not with Evie. Triana was awesome though and always tried looking for an artistic and expressive look. She put this picture on her photography blog of Evie and her ‘tude and I just love it!

I am SO going to have her take our family pictures every year and for those of you who read this and live in Utah, you should totally consider her to take yours as well.  I’ll post more pictures once she’s done editing them and giving them this “grungy/rustic” feel that I love so much. Seriously, take a look at her site and HIRE HER! She’s wonderful and amazing!!!!

Here’s a few more: