New Job

About a month (or was it two) ago Steve was contacted by a guy at Novell who is looking to hire a few more people. Steve has worked at Novell before in an intern position, and like many other people, experienced the not-so-surprising Novell layoffs. His previous boss thought really highly of him and the work he does and told others about him. Steve went in for the interview, waited for the interview week(s) to be done and was called and given an verbal offer. We wanted to wait until Steve actually signed the papers and started his job and that was yesterday! He’ll be working full time as an…Engineering something or other (I’ll let you know once I know for sure what it is)…and start doing evening classes at Utah Valley University (official July 1…UVSC will be UVU!!! YIPPIE!). I’m so proud of my wonderful hubby and this just goes to show that others see the quality work he does and the potential he has to continue to do great work. I’m also very excited because we’ll have insurance (yippie skippie!) and the wage will allow us to get out of debt. Thank you, Steve, for being the man that you are and for all you do to take care of our family emotionally, financially, spiritually and physically! You’re wonderful!