Sick and Miserable

So earlier last week Evie started crying in the middle of the night. I yelled out “Go ni-ni” like I normally do. A few minutes later, she cried again. After the 3rd time, I got up to see what the matter was and as soon as I stepped into their room I could smell throw up. Yuck. We cleaned her up, took apart her bedding and threw it in the washer. I laid down with Evie while Steve was doing the laundry and “blah” – she threw up on me. Not nice. The next day, they both had a doctor’s appointment. As soon as we walked into the doctor’s office, Spencer says “Mommy – look what Evie’s doing.” And yes, she threw up again.

I ended up getting sick Friday night. I never threw up but my stomache felt like there was a balloon constantly filling up and putting a ton of pressure on me. I also felt light headed and weak. Plus, to say it nicely, I needed to stay very close to the bathroom.

Saturday night, Spencer fell asleep around 9 and Evie fell asleep shortly after. We were so excited for the kids to be asleep and us tired enough to fall asleep early. I read until midnight then I heard Spencer wake up. He wanted “dinner” but I told him I wasn’t going to cook anything so he could have crackers. He fell asleep before he ate anything. Evie woke up a bit later and after 15 minutes I just brought her to bed with me. Spencer, at some point, woke up and joined us too. So, from midnight to 5:30 am I was constantly woken up by one of the two. At 5:30 I woke up to Spencer crying because he threw up and IN MY HAIR too! We cleaned him up, put Evie back in her crib, and I leaned over the bath to wash my hair. Our sheets were gross so we ended up on the couch. Spencer was awake and on the couch with me so I put a movie on and tried to sleep. That didn’t happen until 8 when I told Spencer I was going back to my bed. Ten minutes later, Evie woke up. Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep. Spencer has since thrown up twice more. Ick.