So I just turned off the computer and started to stand up when I heard Spencer cry out. I went into his room and asked what the matter was.

Sp: “I never got a new map.” (bottom lip sticking out)
Me: “You’re right. Were you dreaming about it while you were asleep?”
Sp: “Yeah.”
Me: “Okay. How about you go back to sleep and you’ll have a new map tomorrow morning.”
Sp: “Okay.”

What a silly little boy! His buddy, Reid, had his 3rd birthday party on Tuesday. It was a Pirate party and although Spencer said pirates were scary, he really enjoyed himself. Leona (Reid’s mom) did such a great job (props to you Leona!!!). She even had a treasure map that led them to the ticking crocodile (egg timer) from Peter Pan. The kids followed the map, found it, and then they’d hid it again. At the end they found their treasure chests (I can’t pry it out of Spencer’s hands!!!) with lots of booty inside! Well, after we came home Spencer (who is very particular…maybe a little OCD?…about how things have to be) decided that the map was too wrinkled. He’s been asking me for a new one ever since. I keep hoping he’ll get over it but he obviously hasn’t. What a silly boy.