I want my mommy!!!!

Okay, so today was an absolutely beautiful day! The kids were playing and Shana and I were enjoying the sun in the front yard. I put my arm down on the arm rest and… OUCH! Stupid thorn. I looked and there wasn’t anything on the arm rest. I put my arm down again and it was still hurting. That’s when I noticed the STUPID WASP with his STINGER IN MY ARM!!!! OUCH! I don’t remember ever being stung before! It hurts! :*( Shana (who’s allergic) smooshed it for me and made a baking soda & vinegar mixture. I finally figured out where the puncture hole was so she put it on and covered it with a Princess bandaid. It helped with the sting. I decided to take a picture of the little stinger…I mean stinker…before I flushed him (to make sure the kids didn’t step on him).

The Culprit: