Lauren’s 14….PSYCH!

Okay, not psych as in Just Kidding…but Psych as in Shawn and Gus. It’s a beloved TV show by not only myself…but a bunch of teenage girls! You should have HEARD these girls fighting over Shawn and Gus (AND Lassie…not the dog…the detective)! They were calling DIBS and fighting over pictures and WOW! GIRLS! They’re crazy! They painted picture frames for their group picture (below), ate dinner (Hawaiian Haystacks…because it has pineapple…and Pineapple is all part of the TV Show…just watch…you’ll see), played Memory (they screamed any time they saw their “man’s” picture! OMGosh!), opened presents (yes…she got a REAL pineapple…and “It’s a Boy” mints…weird, I know), played “Psych” on the web, and had dessert. It was a fun, LOUD night but I think the girls had a blast. Pictures and Pages to follow….