Spencer’s First Day of 1st Grade

Spencer is a 1st Grader. A FIRST GRADER!!! AHHHHHHHHH! He is growing up WAY too fast! He didn’t want me to take his picture but this was the closest thing to a real smile I got…not to mention it wasn’t the best quality picture (I really need to find my camera!). Either way, I got a picture though! 🙂

I walked Spencer into class this morning – mainly because I needed to figure out what to do about school lunches. Spencer likes SOME of the food on the menu, so on the days that he doesn’t like it, we’ll do home lunches. Seriously…figuring out lunches is what freaks me out the most about him being in all day school. (especially because his taste in sandwiches consists of ham, cheese and KETCHUP! Nothing else. Ick!) I left him in the class and he found his cubby, desk and spot of the floor with no problem whatsoever. Such a good remember-er!

Here’s Spencer’s report on his first day:

After the Pledge of Allegiance (and then practiced again as a class) and did their morning routine going over what day it is, etc.

They practiced going to the lunch room to show them how it works. He loved eating at school – he got THREE chicken strips. He told me he was a little nervous about it but the teachers were really helpful. They sit with their class so it was nice to have them stay together.

Spencer loves that he had 3 recesses! (2 short, 1 long). They played soccer and on the playground equipment. He even hit his head but he was okay. 🙂 After recess they colored a picture then played a game. I showed up at the end as the 1st graders were getting sorted into their pick-up colors (location where the parents pick up their kids). Hopefully it will get easier for the students. We took his (kindergarten) girl friend, Summer, home which is nice since they are not in the same class this year.

All in all Spencer says he had a great day and is excited to go back tomorrow!