Spencer’s Kindergarten Program

I took some video of Spencer’s Kindergarten Program. These kids are so cute!


As a first time Kindergarten parent, I just have to say that I think Spencer (and I) had the very best teachers there could be! Spencer has learned so much and is always happy to go to school. He loves the environment in Mrs Frisby’s classroom (as do I!) and we can all tell how much love Mrs Frisby and Mrs Henry have for the children. They are my kind of gals! The kids in their class look at Mindee and Tracey as more than just teachers, but also as friends. They are my friends too and I am soooo blessed to have had the chance to get to know them! I loved being involved in the classroom and I’m almost afraid that I will not have as great of a connection with ANY of Spencer (or Evie’s) future teachers as I did this year. I can truly say I love those ladies as friends and as Spencer’s teachers! What an amazing year!