Grams and Papa’s visit

Grams and Papa came to visit for 2 weeks!!!! We love it when they come! Evan turned 8 and was getting baptized. I wish I had taken more pictures, but one day I will get copies from my sister and sis-in-law to see what they took pictures of. Here are a few (bunches) of pictures in no particular order:

Spencer, Evie and Garrett spent time getting to know Grams and Papa –

Sitting with Grams

Silly Papa…this is Evan’s hat!

Grams is so good at getting lil g to sleep

Sometimes lil g preferred Papa to mommy!

Grams reading to Miss E

Tired Papa

Papa can get lil g to sleep too!

Grams getting stuck watching Sesame Street with lil g

“Papa…I’m sleepy” (Evie cuddling with Papa)

First taste of bananas…not bad!

Just chillin’

Last night before Grams and Papa left.

lil g playing with Papa

Spencer actually PLAYED with Grams and Papa this visit!

Grams feeding lil g

Yum Yum

Front row seating…right on Papa!

Sleepy boys

Evie displaying her new pretty dress

“Don’t you like it?”

Evie got a new haircut thanks to Grams! LOVE IT!

Who do you think won? Papa playing on the Wii with Spencer!