Last night we had Steve’s parents over for dinner.  Afterward, we played games and ate chocolate. Evie, being the kid she is, got extremely messy. I started a bubble bath and put both Spencer and Evie in to play. I walked back and forth between the kitchen and bathroom (every minute) to check on them and see if it was my turn to play yet. Evie got a little fussy because the Cabbage Patch doll was in the water (she’s still scared of it) so I went in to check on her. She decided she wanted out. I put her diaper and pjs on her and she took off to the bathroom again. I watched as she played with the toys while standing on the floor. I went back to the kitchen and next heard Spencer crying. I ran inside to see if he slipped in the water and what did I happen to see?

Not Done Yet

Evie decided she was NOT ready to get out and wanted back in. We all got a good laugh from it…well, maybe not Spencer.