Christmas Afternoon

After we cleaned up at the Shaws’ on Christmas morning, we headed down to my sister’s house for more presents (by this time we already knew the kids received too much and we were going to have to find room to put it all!!!) We hung out and played games, napped (poor tired Steve!) or read (uh, yeah…I was trying to finish reading OUR gift TO Lauren before she opened it) while Gavin took his nap.



(Look: Matchy-Matchy and we didn’t even plan it!)

Mr G woke up happy and it was on to the presents. Look at his cute face!


Can you say HOLY ADORABLE JACKET, BATMAN! Yeah…that’s her 2nd DIVA coat in a month…I think we’re in trouble!

Steve was excited for this present. He knew he got something from me from the Robot store but he didn’t know he’d be getting more from Grams and Papa. At least one gift was a surprise to him! LOL

Lauren and Kayley were great with their gifts to my kiddos. Lauren printed and created cute characters as magnets for Spencer and Evie’s magnetic wall in their room. Now they have Spiderman, Princesses, sports, etc. etc. etc to play with on there! Kayley created Spencer a puzzle book. His favorite puzzles lately are the “hangman-like” phrases with numbers underneath them. You have to use a chart to match the number to a letter and fill in the blank. Kayley made him a whole book like that and on each page it describes someone in our family. Such creativity girls!


Okay, have to explain this one. Back in March for Spencer’s birthday we had a Superhero Party and everyone came dressed as their own super hero (Whoa…I just realized I never posted pictures! What a slacker! I’ll have to do that soon…for those of you who have me on facebook, it’s in my pictures). My sister, Annette, was Wonder Woman and instantly became Evie’s favorite girl super hero. Now, EVERY TIME she seems Wonder Woman she calls her “Netty”. Annette is still AUNT Netty, but Wonder Woman is Netty. She even has an action figure Netty…and now, thanks to Aunt Netty, she has a Netty book too. Funny, huh?

That evening Steve and the kids and I went to our own house for our own Christmas. They opened their last few presents (like Legos) and then daddy gave them their own kid computer…each with their own account to allow for Princess or Batman backgrounds! It’s great cause it’s Linux and it’s free and it’s the education version so it has great games for the kids already on it. What a hit!

And I just think this is a cute Diva picture with Evie and her Cheetah friend, both animals of the Feline Family.IMG_0312-web
Welp, these 2 posts describe our fantastic Christmas celebration filled with family and fun. Thank you all for your generosity, for letting us sleep in your bed, for making us breakfast, for allowing us to ransack your house, for not getting mad for ditching dinner, and for just being there and for loving our little family. We love you all – Merry Christmas (all year round!)