Christmas Morning

What a busy time of year! But boy oh boy do I love it! And NOT just because of all the time I got to sleep in, but also to spend time with our families.

On Christmas Eve day both Steve and I had to work half days. Luckily Steve can work from just about anywhere so he and the kids came with me to my work. At 1:00 we packed up and headed to Steve’s parents’ house. The past few years we’ve really enjoyed sleeping over on Christmas Eve and being there first thing Christmas morning. We put our things away (in John’s room…thanks!), played games, ate dinner, put the kids to bed (next to the Christmas tree) and went to bed…well, everyone but John and Steve…they stayed up all night playing computer games. Eh – it’s good bonding time, right? At 9 we heard Alec making crapes (yum yum) so we headed downstairs. The kids were just waking up and we all gathered around the table. Then (how mean is this?) we made the kids take a bath! LOL oh well…they didn’t mind TOO much! Then we got to opening presents. Thank you everyone for the fabulous and very generous things you gave us! (Steve and I are so excited! We got the first and second season of our favorite British Comedy…Allo’ Allo’! AND a new card shuffler…as well as other things of course!) Here are a few pics from our morning:


At lunchtime Steve’s other brothers and their families came over. We had lunch together and then finished opening presents:

(Thank you JoJo for a GREAT picture! See…now I’m done trying to take one!)