Proud of My Preschooler

I am so proud of Spencer and all he’s learning in his preschool – Little Readers Preschool – and I love how excited he is every time he learns something new. AND he’s much more open about what he’ll show me he knows. He’s usually too shy but it’s helped him out a lot. Steve and Spencer love doing letter games and it’s really been fun watching them do it together.

Spencer wrote the word “HAT” on my dry erase board. I told him he can make it a new word by changing the first letter. After HAT came FAT and then CAT. I’m impressed by how much he remembers AND how great his penmanship is.



He’s also found other creative ways to show me what letters he learned. (pipe cleaner) Sorry it’s upside down


These were there “O” necklaces.  (Again, sorry they’re upside down)


Spencer also wanted to write his Christmas list to Santa by himself. He asked me how to spell certain toys and I’d tell him one letter at a time. I think he did SO good.


Spencer I am so proud of you!