Week 2 (from Miss Jamie)

On TUESDAY we introduced CIRCLE TIME…

We start out the day with free time in which the children can choose to play with toys, puzzles, magnets, etc… or they can choose to draw pictures or play with play dough. Then we all work together to clean up and meet on the red rug for Circle Time!

During Circle Time, we review the month, day, and year and sing our “Months of The Year” song (which is basically “January, February, March, etc…” set to the “Macarena” complete with actions). We introduce or review the letter/sound of the week, choose a color, shape, and rhyming words for the day. One child is then chosen to be the “weatherperson”. The weatherperson looks out the window and changes the weather dial on our wall to fit the weather of the day. We finish up the Circle Time calendar by counting out our gumballs in the jar together.

Next, the children find their “Name-o-saurus” on the wall and look to see if the “special heart” has been placed next to their name! Each day, the special heart is placed next to a different child’s name designating them the Flag Leader for the day. We then have the Flag Leader come to the front and lead us in The Pledge of Allegiance. After this, Miss Jamie plays “My Country Tis of Thee” on the piano and the children march around the rug singing as they follow the Flag Leader.

On WEDNESDAY we walked to Centennial Park…

After we got back, we fingerpainted with PUDDING our LETTER OF THE DAY, which is A – the children learned to make a lowercase “a” by first making the letter “c” then adding the line!