Week 1 (by Miss Jamie)

On TUESDAY (the first day of school) we read the story “The Kissing Hand” by Audrey Penn. Each of the children found a handprint made by their parent(s) and placed a “kiss” on it. We talked about our worries of leaving Moms and Dads while we are at school and we talked about the fun we will be having each day at school. In art we made handprints to take home for our parents to have. The rest of the time was spent getting to know each other and the preschool surroundings better.


On WEDNESDAY we read “How Do Dinosaurs Go to School” by Jane Yolen and introduced each child to their “Name-0-saurus”. Each child’s name was placed next to a different dinosaur on the wall. We then had each child stand up one at a time and take a turn finding their “Name-o-saurus” on the wall as we chanted “Dinosaur, Dinosaur, ONE, TWO, THREE… who’s that dinosaur standing next to me”?. This helped each child recognize their written name. In art we made dinosaur hand puppets to take home (with our names on them of course)!