Pre-School: Day 1

Our first day of Pre-school:


We woke up earlier than we normally do: 7:30 AM


Spencer and Evie took a bath (they were filthy last night but we had to make a decent bedtime)


They ate breakfast (notice Spencer’s face? He’s complaining about Evie talking with her mouth full! LOL)


We can’t forget to brush our teeth!


Putting on his shoes


Spencer wasn’t sure how to pose with his backpack. He looks like he’s in pain!


This one’s a little better. Shows a little more how he really feels about preschool.

We got to preschool about 10 minutes early and sat in the van. I asked Spencer if he was nervous about anything. “Well, I just don’t know what we’re doing there.” I assured him that Miss Jamie would help him and the other boys (did I mention that only boys ended up signing up for the AM class? Funny, huh?) and that they’d all learn together. I also double checked to make sure he knew where the bathroom was, what his teacher’s name was, his birthday, mommy and daddy’s real names, and how to spell his name. He did pretty good, even when he spelled his name out loud… “S – P – E – R” How cute! Before I walked him to the door, he asked “can we go to a restaurant today?” I said we could go to McDonalds to celebrate his first day and let him play on the play place. I walked him to the door, said good bye and went back to the car.

No, I didn’t cry. I must be a horrible mommy.

When the time came to pick Spencer up, I was the last one there. Luckily on the nice days we pick the kids up in the backyard where they play and wait for us. Spencer didn’t seem to mind much that I was later than the other moms.

Spencer was so excited to show us his artwork and tell us about his day (Aunt Netty and Lukie came with me and Evie to pick him up). Aunt Netty asked Spencer what his favorite part was. “Hanging up my backpack.” LOL He told me that they painted and that they had to wash their hands. He also told me that the radio told a story and they used their finger to go up to down over and over again. (I’m assuming they’re learning to follow along with the words when they read a story).

Look how cute

Preschool - handprints

Spencer loved his first day of preschool. Tomorrow: Dinoasaurs.