New Ward

So yesterday we finally made it to our new ward….after 1 week of not going to church (due to no gas for warm showers and the wrong plug for our dryer) and 1 week at our old ward saying our good-byes. We made it to church right before it started and was greeted by the RS President’s husband. Sacrament was really good…there is a couple who moved their family here from Argentina and the older parents do not speak English. Instead of going to a Spanish speaking ward, they opted to stay in our ward to be with their daughter. They gave talks and had their children translate. Pretty neat stuff!

I had to take Evie to the potty and when we walked into the bathroom there was another little girl there wearing the same dress as Evie. They were both 2, almost 3, and would be in nursery together. I asked if the little girl liked princesses and once Evie saw she did, she was so excited to have a new friend. (Although, she did ask if Cyana would be there too…poor thing misses her best friend so much!)

After sacrament was over, I had to go potty and so did Spencer. On the way to the restroom I asked a woman how old her son was. He was 4 and a Sunbeam just like Spencer. There was another little boy there who was also 4 and a Sunbeam. Spencer met them both and after using the bathroom, said he was excited to see his new friends. A woman asked if we were new and how old Spencer was. She introduced herself as the Sunbeam teacher! So now Spencer knew 2 friend and his teacher before he even got to Primary.

We met with the Bishop (really nice guy!) and then headed off to class. Evie saw her new friend and went to sit by her in Nursery…no problem! We took Spencer to Primary and found his class. He walked inĀ  – no problem! Steve and I were a little shocked…and wondered whether or not we needed to do anything more. Typically our kids would be a bit more shy and want us to stick around. This was great though! So, we went to Sunday School and then split out for Relief Society and Elder’s Quorem. I do feel a bit younger than the majority there, but they all seemed really nice and welcoming. And luckily we know one family already – Eric and Jamie were our very first landlords when we got married. Funny, huh?

After church the Elder’s Quorem presidency stopped by to welcome us and chat with us for a bit. It was superĀ  nice. All in all we are really feeling welcomed, are pleased with our children’s taking to it, and are still really loving our new area.