Oh What A Night {Late December Back in ’63}…

Okay, not really December and not in ’63 but that’s what came to my head…

Tonight was interesting to say the least…I was cooking dinner in my new kitchen and right before the timer went off Spencer goes running from the kitchen towards his bedroom. He trips on something and smacks his head hard into the wall. I say “You need to be more careful” and then I see it….


and lots of it.

I run and pick him up, scream “Steve!!! Steve!!!” and take him into the bathroom, grab a wash towel, and put it on his head. Steve gets off his phone with his parents, checks on us and then cleans the blood off the carpet since there’s not much room in the bathroom and not much he could do. He called the after hours Urgent Care to see where the closest one is and find out if we should bring him in.

Head wounds are always bleeders so it took a while for it to stop. The doctor took more than 4 minutes trying to clean off all of the blood to find the actual injury. It was tiny! Maybe a quarter of an inch…maybe! No glue or stitches require but now we know what to do in head injuries (3+ throw ups, loss of consciousness, forgetting names, etc means go in!).

On the way there we asked him if his head hurt…. “no” Okay….hmmm… that’s a little weird

He was super great for the doctor and very brave.