I feel SO guilty! I had that prompting to shut the bird’s door on their cage, and didn’t listen…that’s right, I ignored the Holy Ghost! How awful am I?!?!?! What makes things worse, is that I opened the front door to let the kids play and WHOOSH! Out flies Bumblebee! 🙁 I chased him down the street…even got him on my finger, but he flew another block over. I left my kids with the neighbor, grabbed the cage (with Princess inside) and headed over a street. Found Bumblebee in the tree but he wouldn’t come down. He ended up flying behind a house…so I knocked on the door and a boy and his mom let me in their backyard. I got Bumblebee on the cage, but when I went to open the door, Bumblebee flew off to the front yard. The little boy told me where the thought Bumblebee flew to, and when I got to that backyard there were too many trees (green leaves and a green bird are not a good mix!) and Princess wouldn’t chirp (so Bumblebee would respond) so I ended up giving up.

The kids were sad, but they understood that Bumblebee probably wouldn’t be able to find his way back. The world is much bigger than our apartment and finding his way back was a real stretch. I didn’t feel too bad until Steve pointed out that he probably wouldn’t live past 2 days. I’m a bird killer! That poor bird either starved to death, couldn’t handle the weather, or met bigger and meaner birds! If only I would have listened to that little voice…I feel so guilty.

We did get a new bird…Princess was really lonely. It’s sad when you can tell a BIRD is LONELY! So….meet SunShine (aka “Sunny”). Not sure if it’s male or female, but Sunny is smaller than Princess and not only is it white, but it’s white, blue AND yellow. Very pretty.