Every week our Saturdays start off the same way. I go to work at 10 AM and come home at 4. During that time Steve and the kids usually go to Costco for samples and rolls. Yes, we love their rolls. Some days they’ll bring me some at work, others I get them when I get home. This last Saturday I got off work at 2 to get ready for a baptism for a girl in my Primary. The kids (Spencer mainly) were really wearing on Steve’s nerves. I thought about taking one or both with me but didn’t in the end. When I came home, here’s what I saw…

img_4592 img_4591


Cute, huh?

Something else that happens other days, not just Saturdays, is that Steve is learning to play the guitar. It’s great seeing (or hearing rather) how much he’s improved so far and watching him proudly show me his fingertips. 🙂 Funny guy. He’s proud because they’re getting more coarse and allowing him to play more without feeling like he’s going to loose his fingertips. I’ll even sing along with him some. Thanks sweetie for bringing more music into our home!