Stop Fightin

The meat section of Walmart is now a funny place for us. Stephen and I were discussing how we don’t really like ground beef much, except for in certain meals. We started listing off what we’ll actually eat with ground beef in it. Stephen said one thing, then I said another, and Stephen said another, and all of the sudden Spencer blurts “STOP FIGHTIN’!” I said, “Spencer, we’re not fighting.”

Sp: “Yes. You goin’ back and forth back and forth back and forth.”

Em: “That’s called a conversation.”

We could not stop laughing!!! He was so serious and we really don’t fight – not even quietly. If we get into an argument, it’s usually normal talk and then some quiet time while we both tell ourselves we’re right. What a funny, funny kid!

5 Responses

  1. leona Says:

    i espicially LOVE that last part where you both tell yourselves you’re right…so true, so true!!! (for us too)

  2. Angela Nuttall Says:

    That’s awesome! I love it!

  3. Erin Says:

    HA! That is so cute. We could use that little referee at our house sometimes.

  4. Pat Shaw Says:

    I LOVE it! Spencer is soooo cute! What a little man. It warms my heart that you and Steve don’t fight…neither do Alec and I.. Once when I told someone we didn’t fight I was told that anyone who says that is a liar! I beg to differ!!!!

  5. Karli Says:

    Wow. Kids are hilarious and say the best things! :)

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