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1. I can be called a half-started…or maybe and almost finisher… with most things in my life….mainly cleaning…or laundry….or filing. Or maybe you can just call it lazy, who knows! For example, my laundry will get cleaned, the towels might get folded, the kids clothes might get folded, but nothing gets put away…it stays on my couch or bed until it gets thrown on the floor or they all become dirty again.

2. I used to half a mole on my face – it was in the same spot as a certain celebrity…and I was nicknamed Madonna (only for the mole, not the boobs!)

3. I take pictures all the time – mostly with the thought “How can I scrapbook this?” in mind.

4. My left ribs stick out farther than my right ribs.

5. I love natural disasters – it’s so neat watching the force and power of a tornado or hurricane, and although I don’t like seeing people’s lives turned up-side-down or their lives taken, I love that it brings people together and they serve each other. Plus, it’s not a human with an evil heart hurting others.

6. I lie to Steve all the time! If he asks when I’m going to sleep, I’ll say “After I finish the chapter.” Usually 4-5 chapters later (or 3 in the morning) I’ll finally close the book and turn off my lamp. Sorry hun!

I tag:

1. Coley

2. Annette or Steph or Mom…or Lauren since she blogs more than you do!

3. Leona

4. Janel

5. Katie S

6. Susan