Bound Book at (for shipping cost only!)

Come try out my new book building site.  We just launched!  We are running a promotion to get people in and trying out the product and it’s really easy to build a photo book really quickly.  The promotion is $30 off a book.  The coupon code to get this promotion is MFBOOK.  Our starter book is an 8×8 book with a custom cover and 20 pages and it costs ($29.95) so with the coupon code you essentially pay shipping and tax $8.09 for a custom photo book.

I’d love to have everybody try this out and give us some feedback so that we can make the product even better.  The coupon is only good until October 22nd NOVEMBER 3, so don’t wait!

If you already have a login to, you can use the same login at  This also has the benefit of giving you access to your uploaded photos at  You could also just create a new account directly at  You can upload photos directly inside of the book building tool, or you can upload your photos to, or you can use the photos that you have uploaded to PicasaWebAlbums, which is where all of your BLOG photos are already uploaded to if you have a BLOG.

Anyway, have fun and enjoy the free book!  Feel free to share this promotion with any friends or family that you think would like it!