We were so glad to hear that Shadow was having a reception here in Utah. We told as many as we could from good ol’ Choctaw so we could have a mini-Choctaw-Pow-Wow. I’m not sure who all came, but we Lukes went together. It was so good seeing Charlie and Shadow! We sure do love the Sherwoods and were saddened to hear about sweet Liz. I was glad to hear that she was able to help Shadow plan for the wedding even though she passed away 2 weeks before it. 🙁 My parents were able to attend the funeral and the wedding in Kansas. That’s why we’re glad they had a reception here as well. Charlie seemed much like the same old Charlie we all remembered growing up. We all look up to him. Annette and Mike had many more memories with him than I did but believe me – I couldn’t forget him…ever. 🙂

Shadow looked beautiful! Evie kept saying “Princess!” and pointed at her in her wedding dress. I asked, “Is the princess pretty?” and Evie shook her head ‘yes’. How cute!

We took a few pictures of us Choctaw-ians. The group picture might look a little funny because another person was standing next to Shadow’s new husband (I can’t remember his name – but he’s one smart kid!) and I tried Photoshopping her out to get it to be just us. 🙂 Enjoy