Gavin’s Baby Blessing

We were pleasantly surprised to know that our whole family was going to be here for Gavin’s baby blessing! Matt came out on Thursday, Mom and Dad on Friday, and Brent and Steph on Saturday! Yahoo! Matt, Brent and Steph were only able to stay for a couple/few days but we were still glad to have them around.

After attending my sacrament meeting, we went to Mike and Nicole’s building. Gavin’s blessing was beautiful (given by his daddy) and I teared up being able to be there and see the love that my biggest brother has for his son (such a cool thing!). Afterwards, we headed down to Annette’s for the food and mingling. I brought my camera out half way through so I didn’t get everyone who came.

We also got to see pictures from Stephanie’s trip to Ireland with Vince and his parents. Ireland is gorgeous and really makes me want to extend our (some day) honeymoon to more than just Italy! 🙂 Thanks Steph for sharing with us! It was beautiful and looks like you guys had loads of fun!

I also got to help Brent see what his racecar might look like painted. I never usually get to do anything with Brent so it was really cool to be able to help him (yay for Photoshop!)