A Camping We Will Go

We went on a spur of the moment camping trip with Jed, Leona, Reid and William starting on the 15th (back in August). We shopped for food, packed and got the heck out of Dodge. We were heading up to Flaming Gorge…I just wish I knew the Wyoming side was ugly and dead compared to the Utah side! We set up camp around 100 or 130 a.m., hunkered down and slept. It was chilly the first day we were there but it seemed nicer than the heat. Stephen and Jed went fishing for HOURS at a time, leaving us to pass the time playing in the dirt, building a fire pit (which then had to be moved since we didn’t account for flying ashes possibly burning down the tent), feeding the kids, getting the kids to nap (ha!), going on short bike rides around the campsite, and for me, burning. (yah…that sunscreen stuff is around for a reason!) Speaking of burning, poor Evie chose the wrong thing to put her arm on as she was walking…put her arm right on the side of the grill AFTER we got done using it. 🙁 Poor thing. The boys did great the first outing, but not so well on Monday. We watched them prep the fish (gutting, skinning or whatever they do to them). I even got to experience first hand a scene from the movie, Finding Nemo. You know the one…Nemo’s siblings eaten by a barracuda. (insert up-chuck here). Steve had a head cold so the 10 hour fishing outing on Monday was too much…actually, it was too much 4 hours into it. To tell you the truth, Monday was just a big mistake anyway. I’m not a camping girl so 3 nights is too much for me – especially in the heat and dead surroundings. We left Monday after 3 or 4 (can’t remember) and once we got cell reception had a whole new adventure waiting for us.

That’s right…this ‘spur of the moment’ camping trip is not like me and my family got worried – REALLY worried – since I didn’t mention it to them and our cell phones had zero reception there. We realized how much my family loves us – that’s for sure. Again, family, sorry for everything that you went through and to my neighbors, sorry for the phone calls from my family! 😉 love you guys!