Jan 14
Annette’s New Quilt
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Dec 31
Girls Night Out page
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Dec 31
Growing Up Fast
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Ok – so my baby…who is only 4 months old has rolled from back to tummy, tummy to back and got his first tooth within 3 – 4 weeks. Stop growing so fast little g!!!

I love this picture… just had to share!

Dec 31
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Dec 31
Happy Nephew
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My bro-in-law’s son, Evan, got to come visit for a week in November. We were able to meet him for the first time, meet his sister and see his mom again. It was a really great week and Evan was so much fun! Mom Shaw and I wanted to make him something for Christmas. From the looks of it – he likes it! Thanks Melanie for posting these pictures!

It was a lot of fun to make – especially because Pat and I did it together! It was fun coming up with different buildings that fit each of our likes (see list below) and designs of the buildings…plus coloring is so much fun!

Evan – car shop and race track

Melanie – museum

Lexi – internet cafe

Grandpa – hardware store

Grandma – candy shop

Stephen – computer store

Emily – craft store

Spencer – airport

Evelyn – school

Garrett – zoo

Mike – police station

Dana – music store

JoJo – movie theater

Rich – fishing dock

Bri – pastry store

Jadyn – train station

Ayva – supermarket

John – book store

Plus we had houses, pools, a church, gas station,

Nov 17

I love listening to this sweet baby “talk” – what do you think?

Nov 16
Chat with Grams
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Garrett was just a little over 1 month old here…I love how little and sweet he is!

Nov 15

Okay, so I finally uploaded the video I took while at Comedy Sportz for the times Lauren was asked to go up on stage. There’s one that I had the camera turned wrong…sorry about that….and some I missed the first line of their skit getting the camera turned on…but it’s still so fun and funny!

Oh, and you’ll hear a little kid laughing – that’s Gavin – he laughed when everyone else laughed and let me tell you – he’s super silly!

Nov 15

Man alive – how I love this baby! Little g is such a good kid – he’s sweet, cuddly, good natured, silly, and oh so smiley! So far, being a mother of 3 has not killed me! Phew! Spencer and Evie are wonderful – they play so well together and can do a lot of things on their own – plus Little g is so good that I’m okay so far. I love watching Garrett smile at his siblings while they try to make him laugh and entertain him. And watching Steve and Garrett – just melt my heart! They are instant buddies and Garrett has so many smiles waiting for daddy to come home. it’s seriously cute.

Nov 5
Time to Change the Do!
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So I decided it was time for a change. I did a poll as to which hair style I’ve had in the past should be my next style again and 2 of the styles were going head to head. I talked to my friend Cami and she was available today to do it – so she did! It’s so fun – I definitely feel more lively and spirited with this hair cut!

The following conversation made me laugh:

I have an awesome big brother! Thanks Brentie!

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