Mar 22
Catch Up
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Who knew February and March would be the most busiest and craziest months of my year?!?! And guess what….it’s only MARCH! Who knows what will happen over the rest of the 9 months until…what is that? 2013? Yikes! I’m getting old!

So, here’s where we play catch-up…mostly in pictures. 🙂

In February, Stephen’s Grandma Julia passed away. She had not been in the best of health for quite a while and we’re sure she is enjoying the freedom of a limited body now. During the preparation, funeral and burial we were able to experience some really neat and uplifting things. We were able to spend good quality time with the family, close and extended, and hear so many neat things about Julia’s life.

Julia's family

The funeral home director and staff were amazing! They took such great care of Julia and made everything so comfortable for the family. He, the director, truly cared about us and the family. And they were affordable! I know it’s odd having you remember a funeral home for any future needs, but you may need it some day! – Matt Davis – truly a great and professional man!

White Gloves at Julia's burial

I absolutely love this picture (thanks Stephanie S!) Matt Davis had the pallbearers where white gloves because in funerals for presidents, etc, white gloves show signs of respect…so why not show that same respect for our loved ones. I love that! The grandsons (pallbearers) placed their gloves on her casket before burial but Stephen and his brothers kept one glove. We are hoping to put them in a shadow box along with the picture for Alec and Pat (my in-laws). It really was a special experience that we were able to share with family and friends. I’m lucky to have met Julia and even more lucky to be a part of the family she and Goodwin created together!

Spencer built (with some help from mommy) a diorama of the Lewis and Clark. We included some of the geography (mountain, flat lands and river), plants (trees and bushes mainly) and animals (snakes, birds, bears, fish…and even a bear eating a fish) all printed off of the computer. We  used tissue paper (and hot glue…which I did) to make the river. He did such a great job!

Lewis & Clark diorama

Goofy Spencer showing off his diorama

Garrett just loves his daddy! He has to be with him all the time and do anything his daddy does.

Has to be just like dad

Loves to cheese-it for the camera

Random Events

Theatre field trip with the 1st graders


Pretending to be an angel...or is he begging?

bath time fun

Sick baby – so miserable!

Watching a movie...leads to passing out!

Poor Evie! She and Garrett were sitting in her bed and I guess Garrett pushed her out of bed and on to the floor. Unlucky girl put her hands down to catch herself and her thumb slipped into the floor vent and got stuck. Like really stuck! Stephen had to use a too to bend the vent slats just to get her thumb out. Sad girl! The next morning she said she felt fine but she wanted to show off her bandages! LOL

Hurt thumb

Sad Evie!

Red...not too swollen

We helped throw a baby shower for my brother and sis-in-law’s newest baby who came to their family at 27 weeks at 2.2 lbs! She has a purple butterfly theme so we had butterflies everywhere.

Babyshower for new niece (Mike and Nicole)

Babyshower for new niece (Mike and Nicole)

Babyshower for new niece (Mike and Nicole)

Babyshower for new niece (Mike and Nicole)

Babyshower for new niece (Mike and Nicole)

Cute Mr. G!

Gift from Mr. G to his baby sister

Cowgirl Evie

Grandma Karen

The pictures of her were SO tiny when she was born and she is doing really, REALLY well! She has almost tripled her birth weight and we are so excited for her progress! She was moved out of the NICU and is now next to a window so we were able to peek in on her. We went as a large group and took turns peeking in through the window. My brother is soooo wrapped around her little pinky!

Little Secretary

Seeing our new niece for the 1st time!!!!

Proud daddy holding his baby girl! Love her!

Getting her comfortable

She is soooo sweet!

Cute Cousins


There is so much more…Grams and Papa visit, Spencer’s birthday, Evan’s birthday, Blue and Gold Banquet (Cub Scouts), Pinewood Derby (Cub Scouts), 1st Grade Valentine’s Party, 1st grade Planetarium field trip (I have a picture of the Scera Theatre field trip), Spencer’s after school activity: CO2 car races, etc, etc, etc! And those are just the things I have pictures for!










Feb 17

I’m a few months behind but at least here is a catch up of holiday pages I made. 🙂 There’s SO much going on right now that we’ll see how long it takes me to play catch up!!!!

Dec 19
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Oct 23
Zoo Trip
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Lil’g got to experience his first trip to the zoo…and Sp and Ev haven’t been in 2 or 3 years! Crazy, I know! It was the perfect weather too! What was pretty interesting to me is that a fair amount of animals seemed to be interested in us too. They came up and examined us…we blamed Lil’g…said he smelled just like them! 🙂 Just teasin! Enjoy the pics!

Sep 26

Okay, not psych as in Just Kidding…but Psych as in Shawn and Gus. It’s a beloved TV show by not only myself…but a bunch of teenage girls! You should have HEARD these girls fighting over Shawn and Gus (AND Lassie…not the dog…the detective)! They were calling DIBS and fighting over pictures and WOW! GIRLS! They’re crazy! They painted picture frames for their group picture (below), ate dinner (Hawaiian Haystacks…because it has pineapple…and Pineapple is all part of the TV Show…just watch…you’ll see), played Memory (they screamed any time they saw their “man’s” picture! OMGosh!), opened presents (yes…she got a REAL pineapple…and “It’s a Boy” mints…weird, I know), played “Psych” on the web, and had dessert. It was a fun, LOUD night but I think the girls had a blast. Pictures and Pages to follow….

Jul 23

Grandpa is helping Aunt Netty build shelves for her craft room…and Lil’g wants to be his helper! How cute is he?!?!


Jul 20
Newest Nephew
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Remember these two?


Well, they made a baby!


Isn’t he sweet?!


Liam James Alexander Shaw


7 lbs 7 oz

7:07 pm

Mar 29
Before and After
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My sister and her family left to go to Disneyland and asked if I would take care of their pets for them. While they were out, I got to labeling! 🙂 Here are a few before and after pictures (PLEASE NOTE: the BEFORE pictures are after I started pulling things from the shelf so it wasn’t THAT bad…just remember that!)





(I took a lot of things off the shelf…remember that!)



See the labels??

Mar 29

Grams and Papa came to visit for 2 weeks!!!! We love it when they come! Evan turned 8 and was getting baptized. I wish I had taken more pictures, but one day I will get copies from my sister and sis-in-law to see what they took pictures of. Here are a few (bunches) of pictures in no particular order:

Spencer, Evie and Garrett spent time getting to know Grams and Papa –

Sitting with Grams

Silly Papa…this is Evan’s hat!

Grams is so good at getting lil g to sleep

Sometimes lil g preferred Papa to mommy!

Grams reading to Miss E

Tired Papa

Papa can get lil g to sleep too!

Grams getting stuck watching Sesame Street with lil g

“Papa…I’m sleepy” (Evie cuddling with Papa)

First taste of bananas…not bad!

Just chillin’

Last night before Grams and Papa left.

lil g playing with Papa

Spencer actually PLAYED with Grams and Papa this visit!

Grams feeding lil g

Yum Yum

Front row seating…right on Papa!

Sleepy boys

Evie displaying her new pretty dress

“Don’t you like it?”

Evie got a new haircut thanks to Grams! LOVE IT!

Who do you think won? Papa playing on the Wii with Spencer!

Feb 20

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