Apr 27
Work changes
icon1 memilyrae | icon2 Stephen | icon4 04 27th, 2011| icon31 Comment »

Steve works for Novell…sorry, I meant, WORKED for Novell. As of today the announcement was made that the sale went through and Novell is now owned by Attachmate. They are separating Novell into Novell and Suse…so I guess Steve really works for Suse and Attachmate owns Suse. We are not sure of the changes yet or what will affect us but it will be interesting to see.

Apr 22
Photo Catch Up
icon1 memilyrae | icon2 Emily, Evelyn, Garrett, Spencer, Stephen | icon4 04 22nd, 2011| icon3No Comments »

I haven’t done much with pictures lately so here’s just a catch up photo style

1, 2, 3 – crazy snow storm

4 – kids in a tub

5, 6, 7 – my closet I converted to a food storage closet! YAY!

8, 9  – lil g…sleeping and modeling a cute vest!

10  – Spencer’s healed bone!!! He’s walking great (still limps a little…might be mentally limping)

Other than Evie and I having strep, Stephen trying to catch up on school projects (work projects put school projects on the back burner), Spencer healing, Evie being her sweet, emotional self, and holiday/school projects…not much else has been happening.

Feb 20